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"Poison Pen" is the fourth episode of season two of Elementary. It first aired on CBS on 17 October, 2013.


Investigating the murder of man by nitroglycerin poisoning, Sherlock discovers the family's nanny is a woman from his past who he knows killed her own father with nitroglycerin. Sherlock tries to prove she was framed for this crime. Video evidence is discovered that points to the elder son, who was the victim of sexual abuse by his father. Sherlock, Joan, and Gregson are about to hear his confession when the nanny confesses to save the boy from jail


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Elementary Episode 2X04 "Poison Pen" Extended Promo



Guest stars[]

  • Laura Benanti – Abigail Spencer
  • Samuel H. Levine – Graham Delancey
  • Noelle Beck – Peri Delancey
  • Steve Greenstein – Titus Delancey
  • Nancy Lemenager – Susan Bettman
  • Keesha Sharp – Mistress Felicia
  • Patrick Kerr – Simon
  • Paul Fitzgerald – Burt Jeffries
  • Robert Emmet Lunney – Attorney
  • Cindy Katz – Marsha Stecker

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