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"Risk Management" is the twenty-second episode of season one of Elementary. It first aired on CBS on 9 May, 2013.


In a bizarre turn, Moriarty hires Sherlock to solve a murder, promising him tantalising information if he complies. Wanting to learn more about his nemesis, Sherlock takes the case, though he struggles to find Moriarty's connection to it. The victim was stabbed to death on the street, and the case went cold three months ago. Sherlock is able to get a suspect behind bars, but when Moriarty provides a new piece of information proving that the crime goes deeper, Sherlock must decide whether or not he can take his enemy's word as truth. Sherlock eventually solves the case, and Moriarty provides him with an address – one that leads him right to Irene Adler.


Part One[]

Episode opens continuing on the call from Moriarty to Holmes at The Brownstone. Moriarty comments on how easy it was to manipulate Holmes, and then compares his own workings to that of a spider and its web, which Holmes likens to a pimp and prostitutes. Holmes then asks if Moriarty had Irene killed, to which Moriarty responds, "that is the question". Moriarty then proposes that Holmes find the killer of Wallace Rourke, a murder which took place in Brooklyn, and which the New York police department failed to solve. If Holmes brings the killer to justice, Moriarty promises all the answers Holmes wants.

Part Two[]

In the Brownstone, Holmes and Watson discuss taking the case while Holmes looks at the old newspaper article. The article says police expect it was a mugging gone wrong. Watson expresses concern over how dangerous Moriarty is. Holmes says each interaction will get them one step closer to discovering who Moriarty is. Holmes assures Watson that Moriarty does not want him dead, citing the events of the previous episode where he was in the room with the man who was shot, as well as several years ago when the hit was called off on Holmes.

At the police station, Holmes and Watson discuss details of the case. Watson is called into Gregson's office, where Gregson tells Watson about his friend Eddie who created an app to store passwords, made a ton of money, and moved to Boca Raton. The lifestyle allowed Eddie's daughter to develop a drug problem, and now he wants to provide her with a sober companion. Watson declines, offering to give Gregson other names while exiting to meet Holmes downstairs.

Holmes and Watson talk to Rourke's widow at her house. She says that once Wallace thought he was being followed, but the police didn't think anything of it as it was only once. Rourke's widow allows Holmes and Watson to go through Rourke's belongings. Holmes convinces the widow to allow them to keep the belongings for a few days. Watson finds Rourke's old phone and the widow explains a stranger spilled coffee on it several weeks before he was murdered, and Rourke, being a packrat, kept the old broken phone, while his new one was stolen when he was murdered.

Back at the Brownstone, Holmes tells Watson that the Rourkes didn't make much money. Moriarty pays assassins hansomely, so perhaps Rourke held a different position, or just hid money well. Watson explains the first wounds to Rourke were two smooth torso stab wounds, indicating he was motionless when he got stabbed, perhaps "frozen in fear." Holmes says that Rourke was a former Army Ranger, so fear would not be a likely explanation. Holmes points out a bruise below Rourke's left ear, being an indication that it was where he was struck with a mastoid strike, which stunned him, causing him to be motionless while each lung was stabbed, "silencing him for good". Holmes points out it was someone who knew what he was doing, not a common street thug.

Watson follows Holmes to the kitchen, where Watson asks Holmes what Irene was like. Holmes says she was difficult to explain, and that she was American, which he "only held [it] against her briefly". Holmes explains her work restoring paintings, and being intelligent and "optimistic about the human condition". Holmes explains that to him, Irene was "the woman", she "eclipsed and predominated the whole of her gender". Holmes finds the shipping envelope from Rourke's replacement cell phone, noticing it was shipped from New York, and that all cellular carriers ship from distribution centers "upstate". Whoever sent Rourke the phone could have easily taken down the identification number and used it to track him, meaning he was probably right about being followed.

Homes and Watson meet Darren and (wife) Kate Sutter in Sutter's office building (of their large security firm). They go to Sutter's office, where Holmes notices a black belt in martial arts. Holmes asks them if they can identify Rourke, which they say they can't. Holmes explains that someone in the company spilled French Roast on Rourke's phone, causing it to die, and then intercepted his replacement phone, which the cell phone company says was never activated, replacing it with a different phone that was then used to track Rourke's location until he was murdered. Sutter says they did some legal surveiling of Rourke (cell phone tracking being illegal) in regard to alleged threats he made against a client, and after several days, realized the claims were unfounded. Sutter can't divulge the client (confidentiality).

On the way out of the building, Watson asks Holmes about the killer, and Holmes makes it clear he thinks the story Sutter told is false, believing the killer to be Sutter.

Part Three[]

In the kitchen of the Brownstone, Holmes explains to Watson that Sutter's book, written five years prior, explains how he came to be the killer. Sutter was staying with his sister Leah, who was brutally murdered in her home. Sutter saw the killer as he was fleeing, and was able to make a sketch, one that closely resembles a photo of Rourke. Since, Sutter studied law enforcement, security, and kyokushinkai karate, which teaches mastoid strikes. Holmes goes over Rourke's history, where he served in the Army after being given a choice by a judge, prison or service, for a breaking and entering charge. After discharge in 1990, Rourke moved to Stamford, Connecticut, half an hour drive from where Sutter's sister Leah was killed. Watson surmises that Moriarty already knows Sutter killed Rourke, and wants him caught to take a large security firm down, allowing Moriarty less resistance in his dealings. Holmes explains he has arranged a secret meeting with Sutter in the morning. Watson gets a text from Gregson asking again about his offer.

Holmes meets Sutter the following morning on a park bench. Holmes tells Sutter he knows Sutter killed Rourke (lost 15 pounds since pictures of him in his office were taken, bags under his eyes being gone - all signs of depression lifting). Holmes asks Sutter if he knows the name Moriarty, which he doesn't claim to. Holmes tells Sutter he can be distracted by another case if he can get Sutter's client list to try to identify a link to Moriarty. Holmes tells Sutter to sweep his office for bugs (off schedule) and contact him with what he finds.

Watson confronts Gregson in his office asking if he's trying to get rid of her. Gregson tells her he thinks it's dangerous for her being in business with Holmes. Detective Bell enters, saying Sutter is here to confess to Rourke's murder.

In the interrogation room, Sutter confesses to the murder, saying he interviewed Rourke and recognized him from 22 years ago. Behind the glass, Holmes tells Watson he must have found the bugs in his office, realizes someone has proof of the murder, and is trying to get out in front of it and get the best deal he can. Holmes is upset that Sutter didn't contact Holmes first. They walk out, discussing bringing Rourke's killer to justice and waiting to get Moriarty's call and Holmes' answers.

Back at the Brownstone, Watson is watching TV coverage of the confession while Holmes is kicking a soccer ball through the living room. They discuss not receiving a call from Moriarty yet, and Watson's being at the police station when Sutter came in to confess. A call from Moriarty comes in, and Holmes says he brought Sutter to justice, so he deserves answers. Moriarty says he has more work to do, as Rourke's mail went to his mother's house in Connecticut, but Rourke was in Saudia Arabia when Sutter's sister Leah was murdered, so Rourke was not the killer. Sutter killed the wrong man.

Part Four[]

In the Brownstone, Watson is awoken by Holmes, and they discuss how Rourke's whereabouts cannot be proven during the time Sutter's sister Leah was killed. Holmes is disgusted by facts he missed that seem to prove that Rourke was in Saudia Arabia when Leah was murdered. It leave a "horrid taste" in Holmes' mouth.

Watson follows Holmes to the bathroom where Holmes is brushing his teeth. Watson asks Holmes if he's scared of Moriarty, and Holmes says no, that he's obviously not going to be killed, or he would have been already. Watson points out that Holmes could be hurt in other ways. Holmes knows she's talking about herself. Holmes promises Watson that as far as Moriarty is concerned, she will never be hurt by Moriarty. Holmes suggests he talk to Sutter and she talk to Kate Sutter to try to get access to the client list.

At the jail, Holmes and Sutter discuss the possiblity of Rourke being in Saudi Arabia while Sutter's sister Leah was killed, but Sutter will have none of it.

Watson meets Kate Sutter at Sutter's office and plays the recording. Kate Sutter does not recognize the voice. She also won't agree to share the client list. She also does not deny finding bugs in the office. She cites how many people may be interested in knowing what goes on in the office. She says she met Sutter at the candlelight vigil for Leah, but didn't start seeing him until months later.

Back at the Brownstone, Holmes and Watson discuss their unsuccessful experiences dealing with the Sutters. Holmes has put together a list of Sutter's potential enemies based on police reports from Bell. Holmes knocks over the board with the evidence on it in disgust, citing his disgust with being so much closer to answers he's wanted for so long. Holmes goes to the kitchen to eat, while Watson cleans up, and sees a picture of Sutter and his wife that draws her attention.

Watson brings the picture to the kitchen and asks Holmes, what if they are looking for the wrong thing. Sutter's now at peace. What if they aren't looking for someone trying to bring Sutter down. What if they should be looking for someone trying to lift Sutter up (Watson puts the picture she was intrigued by on the table in front of Holmes.

Part Five[]

Gregson, Bell, Holmes and Watson go to Sutter's building to confront Kate Sutter. They pulled her prints from Watson's phone and matched them to the prints on the front door on the night of Leah's murder, meaning it was Kate and not Darren who saw the killer leaving Leah's house. Watson says it proves she did know Sutter before Leah died, unlike she had been claiming. Gregson says they checked public records, and she was married to another man at the time, so Sutter and she were having an affair. So to protect Sutter's then-affair, Sutter became the witness for the police. Kate Sutter still maintains she still identified the correct man who had killed Leah. Gregson tells her they just confirmed Rourke wasn't even in the country when Leah was murdered. Gregson says Sutter will find out sooner or later, so she should tell the whole story now. Kate explains how Darren was bad for awhile after Leah's murder, but then got better for a long time. Then, as the 20th anniversary of Leah's murder came around, he got worse than ever. She came home to find him with a gun and a note to her already written. She says finding and having Sutter kill Rourke was the only way to save him, and the choice was easy for her. Gregson puts her under arrest.

As Kate Sutter is escorted out of the building, Holmes and Watson discuss Moriarty and a lesson learned.

Holmes visits Sutter at the jail, and tells him that he will find Leah's killer, but Sutter says his vengeance will only be complete if the killer is strangled by his own hands.

As Holmes is leaving the jail, Moriarty calls and says Holmes has earned his answers. Moriarty says they will never meet. Moriarty says he and Holmes will never cross paths again, or Holmes can have his answers, but not both. With that, Moriarty sends Holmes an address via text. Watson then calls Holmes to ask how Sutter took the news. He says as well as can be expected, and says he will be home later.

At the address Moriarty sent Holmes, there is a giant white home behind locked gates. Holmes stands in front of the gates and Watson shows up beside him, saying cell phones are the best way to track someone in this day and age. Watson cloned the phone Moriarty has been using to contact Holmes. Holmes says he's on the inside of this mystery, which doesn't allow him to see it clearly and protect Watson. Watson says they are partners and needs to be involved to the end. They go in the gate.

At the house, they walk up the stairs and enter. They begin to inspect the house and hear music, following it to a lighted double door, and they enter the room and wander through an array of paintings, Holmes becoming visibly upset the farther they get, until he sees the back of a woman painting, and begins to break down. Watson asks what's wrong, and Holmes points and cries out "Irene!" The painter turns around startled.


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Guest stars[]

  • Adam GodleyVoice of Moriarty (voice over)
  • Natalie DormerIrene Adler
  • J.C. MacKenzie – Daren Sutter
  • Francie Swift – Katie Sutter
  • Stephanie Kurtzuba – Eileen Rourke
  • Sean Dougherty – Detective
  • Kristine Johnson – TV reporter
  • Con Horgan – Wallace Rourke

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