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Sarah: "So this is what you do, you and John. You solve puzzles for a living."
Sherlock: "Consulting detective."
Sarah: "Oh."
— "The Blind Banker"

Dr Sarah Sawyer[1] is a doctor who worked at the London clinic which John Watson applied to and later worked at. She interviewed John for the job at the clinic.

Series One[]

"The Blind Banker"[]


John on a date with Sarah.

John met sarah in a hospital which he started to work for , at one point she also covered for John when he fell asleep at his desk due to his lack of sleep for a case he worked on with sherlock the early night . Later Sarah and John began dating, and went on a date to the Chinese circus on Sherlock's  suggestion, which he then tagged along to. Sarah is involved in the case by being held as a bargain to get answers from sherlock . Then later saved by John and sherlock after a brief fight with the kidnappers. Sarah said it had been "years" since anyone took her to the circus, although she did not remember being kidnapped and tied up the last time she went to one. John promised the next date would not be like that.

"The Great Game"[]

Sarah allowed John to sleep at her house when John got annoyed with Sherlock and left him. Their relationship appears to have ended some time shortly thereafter.

Series Two[]

After John and Sherlock's encounter with Jim Moriarty at the swimming pool where Carl Powers died, John blogged that he went to New Zealand with Sarah but that they broke up shortly afterwards.[2]