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Sherlock: Music from Series Three was composed by David Arnold and Michael Price. It was released on January 27, 2014.


# Track title       Length       Episode      
1 How It Was Done 2:44 "The Empty Hearse"
2 God Rest His Soul 1:42 "The Empty Hearse"
3 Floating Dust 3:29 "The Empty Hearse"
4 #SherlockLives 2:48 "The Empty Hearse"
5 Back To Work 2:58 "The Empty Hearse"
6 Vanishing Underground 2:29 "The Empty Hearse"
7 John Is Quite A Nice Guy 4:04 "The Empty Hearse"
8 Lazarus 3:36 "The Empty Hearse"
9 Lestrade – The Movie 3:06 "The Sign Of Three"
10 To Battle 4:01 "The Sign Of Three"
11 Stag Night 2:15 "The Sign Of Three"
12 The Mayfly Man 4:16 "The Sign Of Three"
13 Major Sholto 2:59 "The Sign Of Three"
14 Waltz For John & Mary 1:09 "The Sign Of Three"
15 Magnussen 3:32 "His Last Vow"
16 Forwards Or Backwards 4:40 "His Last Vow"
17 Redbeard 2:11 "His Last Vow"
18 The Lie In Leinster Gardens 3:14 "His Last Vow"
19 Addicted To A Certain Lifestyle 3:48 "His Last Vow"
20 The Problems Of Your Future 5:36 "His Last Vow"
21 Appledore 3:35 "His Last Vow"
22 The East Wind 4:01 "His Last Vow"
23 Titles – 45 Second Version 0:52 -


01. How It Was Done

  • 3x01: Sherlock bungee jumps.

Sherlock — How It Was Done

02. God Rest His Soul

  • 3x01: When we first see John, and throughout the following scene.

Sherlock — God Rest His Soul

03. Floating Dust

  • (0:00-1:10) 3x01: John rides the Tube.
  • (1:10-1:35) 3x01: John talks with Mrs Hudson.
  • (1:35-3:29) 3x01: Mary is introduced, Sherlock reunites with Molly and Lestrade.

Sherlock — Floating Dust

04. #SherlockLives

  • (0:00-0:37) 3x01: Sherlock gets back his coat.
  • (0:38-1:00) 3x01: Sherlock is spotted online.
  • (1:00-2:06) 3x01: Molly talks with Sherlock about her new boyfriend.
  • (2:06-2:48) 3x01: How else it could have been Done.

Sherlock — -Sherlocklives

05. Back To Work

  • 3x01: Sherlock and John during their work hours.

Sherlock — Back to Work

06. Vanishing Underground

  • 3x01: Sherlock analyzes the mystery of the missing tube car.

Sherlock — Vanishing Underground

07. John Is Quite A Nice Guy

  • 3x01: Sherlock & Mary racing to get to John, trapped under the bonfire.

Sherlock — John is Quite a Guy

08. Lazarus

  • 3x01: The real way he did it.
  • 3x03: Audio cues used when Sherlock begins to fall, after being shot.

Sherlock — Lazarus

09. Lestrade – The Movie

  • 3x02: The start of the episode, when Lestrade is heading to Sherlock's 'urgent' aid.

Sherlock — Lestrade - The Movie

10. To Battle

  • (0:00-1:30) 3x02: Major Sholto prepared for the wedding
  • (1:30-2:42) 3x02: Sherlock begins his speech.
  • (2:43-4:01) 3x02: Private Bainsbridge is found in the Shower room

Sherlock — To Battle

11. Stag Night

  • (0:00-0:20) 3x02: Played throughout the scene where Sherlock & John go out for John's Stag Night.
  • (0:20-2:15) 3x02: Used when Sherlock & John investigate the Mayfly Man while drunk.

Sherlock — Stag Night

12. The Mayfly Man

  • 3x02: Sherlock talks to the victims of the Mayfly Man online.

Sherlock — Mayfly Man

13. Major Sholto

  • (0:00-1:00) 3x02: Plays when Sherlock reveals to John & Mary that Sholto is going to be murdered
  • (1:00-2:20) 3x02: Sherlock convinces Major Sholto to open the door
  • (2:20-2:59) 3x02: ?

Sherlock — Major Sholto

14. Waltz For John & Mary

  • 3x02: Used when Sherlock plays his Waltz for John & Mary

Sherlock — Waltz for John and Mary

15. Magnussen

  • (0:00-2:08) 3x03: Plays as Magnussen is introduced.
  • (2:09-3:32) 3x03: Used in the scene where Magnussen talks with Lady Smallwood.

Sherlock — Magnussen

16. Forwards Or Backwards

  • 3x03: Used throughout the scene where Sherlock is shot.

Sherlock — Forwards and Backwards

17. Redbeard

  • (0:00-0:55) 3x03: Played in the latter stages after Sherlock has been shot, where he has avoided going into shock and sees his old dog,
  • (0:55-2:11) 3x03: When Sherlock climbs the stairs to restart his heart.

Sherlock — Redbeard

18. The Lie In Leinster Gardens

  • (0:00-1:20) 3x03: The scene where Mary meets Sherlock in the abandoned house front.
  • (1:20-3:14) 3x03: Sherlock and then John reveal themselves to Mary inside the abandoned house.

Sherlock — The Lie in Leinster Gardens

19. Addicted To A Certain Lifestyle

  • 3x03: Played in the scene in 221B, in the scene between Sherlock, John & Mary.

Sherlock — Addicted to a Certain Lifestyle

20. The Problems Of Your Future

  • 3x03: Used in the scene with John & Mary, in front of the fire.

Sherlock — The Problems of Your Future

21. Appledore

  • 3x03: Used in numerous scenes featuring Appledore & Magnussen.

Sherlock — Appledore

22. The East Wind

  • (0:00-2:22) 3x03: Used in the final scene with Sherlock, John & Magnussen
  • (2:22-4:01) 3x03: Plays in the final scene of the episode when Sherlock boards the plane.

Sherlock — The East Wind

23. Titles – 45 Second Version

  • End credits music.

Sherlock — Titles - 45 Second Version