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Sherlock Holmes 2 - Soundtrack

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is the soundtrack album to the 2011 film of the same name. Hans Zimmer collaborated again with Lorne Balfe to produce the score. It was released on 13 December, 2011, three days before the film itself came out.

Musically, the album is influenced by classical and Romani music.

While reading page five of the script, Zimmer came to a part about a Gypsy fortuneteller. He called the director, Guy Ritchie, and told him they needed to take a road trip to Slovakia. Zimmer felt that it was appropriate to reflect the Romani culture in his music. Zimmer got two Romani bands (Cigánski baróni and Kokavakere Lavutára – Sendreiovci) to record the score for the film, resulting in the score for the film as envisioned.

Track listing[]

No. Song title Artist Length
1. "I See Everything" Hans Zimmer 0:39
2. "That Is My Curse (Shadows – Part 1)" Hans Zimmer 1:51
3. "Tick Tock (Shadows – Part 2)" Hans Zimmer 8:12
4. "Chess (Shadows – Part 3)" Hans Zimmer 7:34
5. "It's So Overt It's Covert" Hans Zimmer 3:19
6. "Romanian Wind" Hans Zimmer 1:56
7. "Did You Kill My Wife?" Hans Zimmer 1:56
8. "He's All Me Me Me" Hans Zimmer 1:56
9. "The Mycroft Suite" Hans Zimmer 1:41
10. "To the Opera!" Renato Girolami, Nicolaus Esterhazy Sinfonia, Hungarian Radio Chorus, Janusz Monarcha, Regina Schorg and Bo Skovhus 4:03
11. "Two Mules for Sister Sara"
(music by Ennio Morricone)
Movie Screen Orchestra 2:34
12. "Die Forelle"
(music by Franz Schubert)
Ian Bostridge and Julius Drake 3:22
13. "Zu viele Füchse für euch Hänsel" Hans Zimmer 1:47
14. "The Red Book" Hans Zimmer 4:00
15. "Moral Insanity" Hans Zimmer 1:31
16. "Memories of Sherlock" Hans Zimmer 2:11
17. "The End?" Hans Zimmer 2:26
18. "Romani Holiday (Antonious Remix)" Hans Zimmer 5:38

Deluxe version only:

No. Song title Artist Length
19. "Shush Club No. 3" Hans Zimmer 4:31
20. "Beautiful Eyes" Hans Zimmer 2:13
21. "Just Follow My Lead (The Waltz)" Hans Zimmer 4:44

Tracks not included in the album:[1]

  • "Fischerweise, D.881", written by Franz Schubert, performed by Irmgard Seefried.
  • "To the Opera!" incorporates parts of "L'ultima Prova" and "Don Giovanni, a Cenar Teco" from Don Giovanni by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
  • "Two Mules for Sister Sara" is the theme from the film of the same name starring Clint Eastwood.
  • "Just Follow My Lead (The Waltz)" contains elements from the "Vienna Blood Waltz" and "Accelerationen, Op. 234" written by Johann Strauss II.


Purchase of the physical, enhanced CD includes an insert allowing the free download of three bonus tracks ("Shush Club No. 3", "Beautiful Eyes" and "Just Follow My Lead (The Waltz)" from the score.


Allmusic rated the album 4.5 out of 5 stars, cited by James Christopher Monger that the soundtrack "once again infused the series with wit and wickedness, stacking his already established themes with an effusive Romanian flair, reflecting the addition of Girl with the Dragon Tattoo star Noomi Rapace's turn as a Gypsy fortune teller."

On the other hand, gave the album 1 out of 5 stars, stating that it "completely lacks major development of new motifs and does little to expand upon the two-part theme from the original film."


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