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Sherlock Holmes: The Adventure Of The Pimlico Poisoner was a 1990 radio play first broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in September 1990, where Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's famous detective, in which a broken leg is no barrier to leading the hunt for a real-life demon of Victorian crime ... a man whom, it is said, claimed at the very moment of his execution that he was Jack the Ripper!

William Chubb stars as Sherlock Holmes and Crawford Logan as Dr. Watson, with Terry Molloy as Inspector Lestrade. The play was written by Peter Mackie and directed by Nigel Bryant.


Set in the late summer of 1891, two murders have occurred in one week within yards of each other in Pimlico, sparking rumours of another Jack the Ripper stalking London.

Aware of events, Holmes meanwhile is bored at home convalescing from some modern leg surgery. It’s only when a man claiming to be an American detective calls with an offer - that they track down the murderer together - that Holmes decides to take the case on.

Inspector Lestrade is also stumped over the murder of the two young female victims who suffered agonising deaths from strychnine poisoning.

There’s a maniac on the loose with no motive - can the great detective flush the killer out?


Sherlock Holmes ... William Chubb

Dr. Watson ... Crawford Logan

Dr. Neill Cream ... Peter Harlowe

Inspector Lestrade ... Terry Molloy

Mrs. Hudson ... Tiny Gray

Sergeant Woodthorpe ... Chris MacDonnell

PC Billings ... Alex Jones

Jeannie Thompson ... Kimberly Hope

Jeremiah Fogg ... Roger Hume

Matilda Clover ... Susan Mansell