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Sherlock Holmes is an audio series released by Big Finish Productions based on the original works of Arthur Conan Doyle, starring Nicholas Briggs as Sherlock Holmes and Richard Earl as John Watson.

The line began with dramatizations of David Stuart Davies' two Sherlock Holmes plays with actor Roger Llewellyn reprising his role as an older Sherlock Holmes from the two plays, Big Finish would later produce a long running series with Nicholas Briggs taking over as Holmes and and Richard Earl as Doctor John Watson from then onwards. The series mostly consists of original stories by Big Finish creative team along with some adaptations of the Canon and pastiches.

The characters from the series would crossover with other Big Finish series, including the audio production company's main line based on BBC's science fiction franchise, Doctor Who.

The 2021 release, Sherlock Holmes – The Seamstress of Peckham Rye won ‘Best Audio Drama’ at the 2022 Audie Awards.[1]


Main series[]

# Title Author Notes Released
1.1 The Last Act David Stuart Davies Audio adaptation of Davies' 1999 one-man play.

First appearance of Roger Llewellyn as Sherlock.

November 2009
1.2 The Death and Life Audio adaptation of Davies' 2008 one-man play.

Last appearance of Roger Llewellyn as Sherlock.

December 2009
1.3 Holmes and the Ripper Brian Clemens Audio adaptation of Clemens' 1988 play.

Features Jack the Ripper. First appearance of Nicholas Briggs as Sherlock and Richard Earl as Watson.

April 2010
1.4 The Speckled Band Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Dramatic reading of Doyle's 1892 short story. June 2010
2.1 The Final Problem Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (Adapted by Nicholas Briggs) Adaptation of Doyle's 1893 short story. October 2011
The Empty House Adaptation of Doyle's 1905 short story.
2.2 The Reification of Hans Gerber George Mann Novelised in 2013 by Titan Books as The Will of the Dead. November 2011
2.3 The Hound of the Baskervilles Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (adapted by Richard Dinnick) Adaptation of Doyle's 1902 novel. December 2011
2.4 The Tangled Skein David Stuart Davies (adapted by Richard Dinnick) Adaptation of Davies' 2007 novel Sherlock Holmes and the Tangled Skein.

Sequel to The Hound of the Baskervilles, featuring Dracula.

January 2012
2.5 The Adventure of the Perfidious Mariner Jonathan Barnes April 2012
3.1 The Guttering Candle December 2013
3.2 The Adventure of the Gatekeeper's Folly
3.3 The Adventure of the Bermondsey Cutthroats
3.4 The Sowers of Despair
4.1 Poppyland December 2014
4.2 At the Gates of Shambhala
4.3 The Man in the Moonlight
4.4 The Tragedy of Pargetter Square
5.1 The Prophet in the Rain August 2016
5.2 The Body in the Garret
5.3 The Beast in the Darkness
5.4 The Shadow in the Water
6.1 The Master of Blackstone Grange March 2018
6.2 The Adventure of the Fleet Street Transparency
7.1 The Seamstress of Peckham Rye Winner of the ‘Best Audio Drama’ category at the 2022 Audie Awards. July 2021
7.2 The Fiends of New York City May 2022

In other series[]

Title Author Notes Released
Ghosts of Christmas Past Tony Lee In Big Finish's Dorian Gray spinoff. December 2012
The Adventure of the Bloomsbury Bomber David Llewellyn In The Worlds of Big Finish. May 2015
The Feast of Magog
All-Consuming Fire Andy Lane (adapted by Guy Adams) In Big Finish's Doctor Who Novel Adaptations series. Featuring the Seventh Doctor. December 2015

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