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Sherlock Holmes is a consulting detective and the older brother of Enola Holmes in the novel series by Nancy Springer and its 2020 film adaptation. In the film, he is portrayed by Henry Cavill.


Early Life[]

Sherlock was born to Mr. Holmes and Eudoria Holmes. He is the younger brother to Mycroft Holmes and the older brother to Enola Holmes. In the books and films, it is stated that he left home to open his detective practice in London and because of a disagreement he and his brother had with their family after their father's death.

Sherlock only had a few memories of Enola in both the film and books. In the books, he remembers Enola as a four-year-old girl that couldn't keep her nose clean after their father passed away. In the film, he remembered Enola used to pull a decorated pinecone calling it Dash. This angered their father and Eudoria kept Dash under her pillow before her disappearance.

Enola Holmes[]

Sherlock and Mycroft went to a train station to meet Enola when she sent them a telegram. Upon arriving at the train station, both Sherlock and Mycroft failed to recognize their sister. Mycroft was confused as to why Enola had not brought the carriage he had sent, only to find he had sent it to the wrong place. They went to Enola's home, where Sherlock concluded her mother had not left due to foul play, and with her full wits about her.

While talking to his brother in their mother's home, Sherlock listened while Mycroft stated they had two objectives: to find Enola a boarding school with the help of his friend Miss Harrison and to find their mother. He considered his goal to be the former while assigning the latter to Sherlock. Mycroft believed his mother, wild and dangerous, had raised a wild child. Sherlock, however, found her to be intelligent.

After getting dressed by Ms. Harrison, Enola begged her brothers not to send her to the school, but Mycroft found it was necessary, as she would never find a husband in her current state, which Enola mentioned she did not want. Sherlock stated it was not his responsibility to educate her, but was left astonished when Enola said he had allowed Mycroft to be cruel to their mother.

Enola is joined by Sherlock

As Enola sketched, she was joined by Sherlock, with whom she talked.

As Enola sketched in a field, Sherlock joined her, remembering she used to be shy, bringing a small pinecone wherever she went, which she called Dash. He also remembered she never wore any trousers, but mentioning he could not remember anything else, which Enola was grateful for, as she now found those memories embarrassing. However, Enola was now sad that Sherlock had only come back due to their mother missing.

After Enola escaped the next day, Sherlock tracked Edith down using his mother's letters to ask her if she knew where Eudoria was but got no answer. Soon after, when Lestrade found Enola, One day, Sherlock visited her at her boarding school. He told her he had not found their mother, but congratulated her on becoming a good detective. He also gave her Dash, who Eudoria had kept all those years. Enola was not happy with Sherlock, however, and he soon left.

At the police station, Sherlock was received by Lestrade, where he told the inspector the Dowager wanted Tewkesbury's uncle to be the successor to stand against a reform bill and the extension of the vote, which would not be in line with what Tewkesbury would want. Sherlock also deduced the young man's uncle was not present during the murdering of Tewkesbury's father, as he had been serving in Afghan war at the time. Sherlock was startled, however, when Inspector Lestrade asked him how Enola had managed to put the pieces together before he had.

Afterwards, Sherlock set a puzzle on the newspaper, which instructed Enola to meet him at the Royal Academy. While at the Royal Academy, Sherlock and Mycroft waited. There, Sherlock asked to let Enola be his ward, offering to take care of her, which Mycroft accepted. They discussed Tewkesbury, who turned out to be the decisive vote, and Sherlock suspected had a thing for Enola. As they left to get a drink, Sherlock found Dash on the statue in the middle and placed it back.

Enola Holmes 2 (Netflix film)[]

Sherlock is still a respectable detective consultant. He works on investigating a case involving "Moriarty" who later becomes his archnemesis. In the film, he bumps into Enola drunk after she went undercover on a case. He is helped into his lodgings by Enola. Sherlock discovers that his sister's case got tangled up with dangerous and corrupt criminals. He went about to rescue her and help her in any way he could to even enlisting Edith and his mother's help when Enola chooses to see the case to the end.

When he realized that his case intertwined with his sister's case, he shares everything he knows with Enola. He realizes that the corrupt officials used phosphorous to lift Enola's prints on a weapon to frame her. When that didn't fool Sherlock, he enlisted Edith's and his mother's help to free Enola and put her in hiding until he got to the bottom of things. Sherlock and Enola use their individual skills to discover with the help of Tewksbury the true puzzle to their cases. The room which they found William Lyon dead in was staged to misdirect them. Tewksbury discovers that the music sheet that Enola took away from Mae was actually a map to a theater where sensitive information was hidden about the matchmaking girls' working conditions.

When the corrupt officials tried to arrest the group, Sarah Chapman, and Bessie Chapman, a fight ensued. Sherlock was grazed by a bullet when trying to escape but he was able to fight his captors off despite his injury. In the fight, he later threw Tewksbury a sword hidden in his cane for him to fight off an armed captor. Sherlock later reveals that the mastermind behind the case was "Moriarty" who used the alias, Moira Troy. He later watches as "Moriarty" was taken in handcuffs laughing maniacally at Sherlock.

After successfully solving both cases, Sherlock offers his sister to join him in his detective consulting agency. But Enola declines the offer as she finds that she would be living in her brother's shadow too much. Sherlock later found out that "Moriarty" escaped from police custody which later begins his stories of him going up against his archnemesis. In the post-credits scene, he later finds that his sister found him a flat mate by the name of Doctor John Watson to check up on her brother when she couldn't come and to help Sherlock with his rent.



Enola Holmes[]

Enola Holmes 2[]

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  • Several of the pictures of Sherlock from the beginning of the film are Sidney Paget illustrations from the original Holmes stories, two of which are modified to give Holmes Henry Cavill's face.