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Sherlock Holmes (シャーロック・ホームズ, Shārokku Hōmuzu) is one of the main characters of Moriarty the Patriot. He is the arch-nemesis of Moriarty. He is a Consulting Detective.


While on a cruise liner called the "Noahtic", with a plot to take down a cruel noble who likes to hunt and kill members of the lower class, William James Moriarty ends up crossing path with a young consulting detective named Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock naturally catches onto William’s schemes of baiting the blood thirsty noble with prejudice in his foundation of character to murder a civilian. He exposes the noble murdering the civilian to the main crowd onboard the ship. Sherlock discreetly addresses this with William, but makes no accusation.

William Moriarty states that Sherlock will play the role of the "protagonist" in his plan. Sherlock returns home and is confronted by Miss Hudson. She is his landlord and demands rent. Sherlock is without money and searches for a room-mate. He meets John, a veteran and doctor. They quickly get along and John earns Hudson’s approval. 

Sherlock was later accused of the murder of the Earl Drebber. He had been arrested by Scotland Yard but later managed to escape imprisonment. In order to unmask the real killer, Sherlock Holmes took charge of the investigation and caught the true culprit.

This was part of Moriarty's plans, for thanks to the entry of Sherlock Holmes on the stage, convinced to point out all darkness of the British Empire, the ambitious "project" of Moriarty enters a new phase.


Sherlock is a very intelligent person, a cheerful person most of the time. According to Watson, Holmes is an eccentric person, with no regard for societal norms in terms of arrangement and organization. What others seem to be messy or worthless, he sees is a wealth of useful information. Holmes is barbaric with his actions, dealings, and even his personal life. Holmes smokes a lot, "unlike the original story of smoking a pipe." He is also addicted to drugs, Holmes used to use drugs from time to time, especially when there were no issues on his mind and exhausted his powers in solving them. Watson did not approve of his drug use. As a physician, he always objected to Holmes being a heavy smoker.

Sometimes Holmes breaks laws in order to solve a case, such as lying to the police, hiding evidence, or breaking into private homes and properties. As shown in Arc Study in Scarlet, Holmes took the wedding ring found at the crime scene without the attention of the police, describing himself to Watson afterwards as having the talent to be a thief. He is also good at handling locks and closed doors.

Holmes has overconfidence and a murderous arrogance that sometimes reaches the limits of arrogance, and if this is justified, he always sees with his own eyes the police investigators standing helpless in front of his amazing conclusions, and yet he was not looking for fame, as he usually allowed the police to have all Appreciation and praise even if the case was resolved thanks to his findings.

Most of those who deal with him always describe him as rude in his behavior, just as Miss Hudson described him as a clumsy child, but despite this, Watson said that Holmes was kind-hearted.

Holmes' feelings and actions can be described as cold and hard, and his heart is so tough that despite being in the midst of an adventure and dangers surrounding him, he could shine with a number of emotional notes that did not fit the difficult situation. Holmes is also talented in showcasing, and he also has a strong presence, and he is distinguished in preparing traps through which he can catch the culprit in the act of flagrante delicto, and he often does so in a certain way that dazzles Watson, or one of Scotland Yard inspectors.

Holmes has an aversion to women, but he cares about them in a special way. "I am not a fan of female sex," says Holmes, but he wanted to save Irene Adler from Moriarty even though he admired her only for her intelligence and her cunning.


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