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Sherlock Holmes vs Lupin

Sherlock Holmes versus Arsène Lupin (aka: Sherlock Holmes: Nemesis in some regions), made in 2007, is the fourth installment of Frogwares' long-running game franchise based on Sherlock Holmes. This entry pits the two legendary literary icons against each other in a game of wits and one-upmanship.

It was followed up by "Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper" in 2009.


Set roughly one year after "The Awakened", Sherlock Holmes and his companion, John Watson, are discussing (over breakfast) the latest headline dedicated to the daring French thief Arsène Lupin. In the midst of their conversation, Watson comes across a letter mailed to them by the very man in question.

Due to his admiration of the Detective, Arsène Lupin forewarns Holmes of his intentions to (over the course of a week) steal various items of historical value and importance to the people of London (thus bringing great humiliation to them in the process)... unless of course Sherlock can stop him first.

Thus begins a race against time, and a match of two brilliant minds that will take Holmes and Watson all over their fair city in hopes of thwarting this dastardly plot. But is there more to this than meets the eye? Only Holmes will know.


Like the previous installment, this entry retains roughly the same interface and gameplay approach. The initial release had you playing solely through a first-person perspective, but a later remastered re-release gave the player the option of switching to a third person approach.


  • Some nods to the previous entry ("The Awakened") are made in the course of the game. The most obvious one is the fact that Holmes has still one of the Cthulhu statues in his possession (apparently in sharp disregard for Watson's extreme dislike for it). When interacted with, a growling nosie can be heard. Next is poor Barnes, the bookstore owner (whom Holmes got some help in translating a certain arcane book in the last game). It seems he's taken quite the shine to this dark tome, to the point where it's obviously beginning to wear upon his sanity. And there's a scene where Holmes goes into Watson's room to wake his weary friend up and catches him in the midst of a dream clearly inspired by the harrowing events the two experienced, screaming about 'Tentacles' and whatnot.
  • Various items and 'trophies' from past Holmes stories can be spotted throughout their apartment. Among them being the picture of the "Dancing Men", one of the "Six Napoleons" busts, a painting of the Reichenbach Falls, that picture of Irene Adler, and so on and so forth.