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Shirley Holmes The Essential Casefile

Shirley Holmes - The Essential Casefile is a book which was published in Great Britain by Collins in 1998, as a tie in book to the Canadian mystery TV series "The Adventures of Shirley Holmes".

It was compiled by Stella Paskins and Sue Mongredien and was around 96 pages long, intended for an audience range of 9 - 11 years,

Book blurb[]

Who is Shirley Holmes?

The official guide to the TV series, its heroine, cast and series, the contents of this book includes character profiles, episode guide to the first two series, an introduction to Sherlock Holmes and other famous detectives, crime-solving facts, plus many other tips and exercises.


Inside you will find:

  • Character profiles including Shirley, Bo, Molly
  • Episode guides
  • An introduction to famous detectives.
  • Amazing detective and crime solving facts

Plus hints, tips and exercises for you to hone your own powers of observation, deduction, perception, memory and imagination.

The mystery of the case[]

Shirley Holmes letter

Shirley Holmes would never forget the day she first discovered the secrets of the trunk. It had been in the attack for years and most of the time it lay half-forgotten, buried under the usual sort of clutter that no one uses but can't bear to throw away.

From time to time, Shirley would remember its existence and go and take a look at it. The trunk was a mahogany chest and she enjoyed feelings its intricately carved surface, exploring the patterned grooves of the exotic flora and fauna depicted there. She always wonderd what could possibly be inside such an imposing and fascinating receptacle. Her Gran didn't know - couldn't even remember where the chest had come from, except that she thought her husband had inherited it from a relative.

The fact that the trunk was locked only roused Shirley's curiosity further, but nobody knew where the key was and it was far too beautiful to break into. On Shirley's twelfth birthday the trunks caught her eye again. The time her attention focused on the worn brass plate on the front. On it was, etched a series of letters in the Cyrillic alphabet, followed by the numbers 14551485. It looked like some sort of manufacturer's code, but today's examination of the scratches, metallic surface made Shirley's heart beat faster...

The first thing she could notice was the letters weren't all Cyrillic - there was also some Arabic and Greek letters. At once Shirley set to work deciphering the letters, which revealed a simple sentence in English: "Look for clue in 14551485". Shirley's mind raced. What could the numbers mean? She tried adding them, multiplying them, organising them in patterns... and then, suddenly, it became clear to her. Pulling down a history book from her shelves she flicked through the pages and a satisfied grin flickered over her face as she read aloud "1455 to 1485". The war of the Roses. Yes!

Buy solving one puzzle had only led to another - a scenario that was to become very familiar to Shirley after that day. What on earth could the translation of the message on the brass plate possible mean? She read the sentence aloud, to see if speaking the words helped in any way. "Look for clue in the war of the Roses". Furrowing her brow, the girl examined the trunk once more - and discovered an ornate carving of two entwined Roses on one side. She ran her fingers along the design - and suddenly, a latch flipped open. A secret compartment was revealed, inside which was a key..

Holding her breath, Shirley unlocked the chest and raised the heavy lid. She gazed at the contents - not gold or jewels, but it was a unique treasure all the same. Her sharp eyes took in the pile of old diaries and a few musty cloths, the bettered violin and a little case containing a pair of Gold rimmed spectacles. Then she grasped and picked up a deerstalker hat. At once she knew to whom the trunk had belong - her great-great Uncle, the famous detective Sherlock Holmes.

Shirley knew all about her ancestor. She had apparently inherited his thirst for knowledge, his eye for knowledge, his eyes for detail and his ability to solve intricate problems. Somehow, finding her way into this horde of his most private possessions made Shirley feel a true affinity with the man.Instinctively, she also knew that there would be something in the chest that meant for her.

Carefully riffling through the items, passed over ancient relics, glass bottles of foul smelling liquids and strange, exotic weapons. Finally, tucked into a small shelf in the lid, she discovered the letters..

Avidly, Shirley read the message from beyond the grave. It was definitely written to her - even though Great uncle Sherlock seemed to think she ought to be a boy. Buy if the content of the letter weren't exactly what she'd been hoping for, they made her determined of one thing: that she would prove a niece was just as capable of carrying forth Sherlock Holmes's legacy as a nephew! Shirley Holmes, detective, was created that day and things were never, ever the same again.