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Spike is an English teenager, who helps his friends to solve paranormal mysteries.


In Victorian London, half-sisters Bea and Jessie live with their friends Billy and Spike in the cellar of a pub called the Duck and Quiver. Jessie has nightmares of being trapped in a dark cave with a threatening creature. In the morning, Bea and Jessie acknowledge Bea's 17th birthday before noticing Spike and Billy are missing. Bea goes to search for them. As she steps out, she spots a man watching her from 221B Baker Street. Bea finds the boys at an underground boxing ring, where Billy is preparing for a match. She forces him to leave.

In the cellar of the Duck and Quiver, Bea confronts Billy about his fighting. Billy insists that they need the money to pay for a doctor for Jessie, and to pay back to their landlord, Mrs Hudson, who is threatening to kick them out. Bea becomes upset when Spike suggests they consider the workhouse. During the conversation, Jessie slips out of the cellar and wanders into the street in a trance. She sees a sinister figure in an alley, and runs in front of Leo's carriage, with Bea saving her at the last moment. Daimler gets out and scolds Bea, but she stands up to him, impressing Leo. The carriage drives off as Bea comforts Jessie.

Billy and Spike interview

Billy and Spike helped interview Susan, who told them about the kidnapping.

Spike is quickly able to locate Susan. She admits that on the night of the kidnapping, she had snuck out to meet with her boyfriend and left the window open. She also reveals that she had heard raven noises outside her window for several nights in a row. However, at that moment the group is attacked by a swarm of ravens. Bea, Spike, and Billy manage to escape, but the ravens kill Susan by pecking out her eyes.

Bea and her friends go to confront the kidnapper. Jessie asks to come, but Bea flatly refuses, and expresses concern for Jessie's health. She leaves angrily with Spike. Bea gives Billy a decoy baby, and he climbs into the room to place it in the crib. However, while he is distracted by trying to prevent the mother from entering, a raven flies in and grabs the infant. The teens chase the raven, which delivers the baby to a hooded man. Billy confronts him about the kidnapping, but the man claims the baby is his. When Billy moves to grab it, the man releases a swarm of birds from beneath his cloak and disappears. Bea realizes that the man is looking for his lost child, and connects it to the sixth baby that died in the hospital. She reviews the birth register, and learns that the mysterious man is Arthur Hilton, the head ornithologist at the London Zoo.

Back at the Duck and Quiver, Jessie has another nightmare, in which she is grabbed by the throat by the sinister figure. However, the dream dissolves in a swarm of moths, and she finds herself in front of a small cabin in the bayou. A man in a white linen suit approaches. He says that he'd like to help her, and reveals that he brought her there himself. Sensing the dream fading, he tells Jessie that the man her friends are looking for recently got strange powers. The man asks her to find out where Hilton got his powers, and explains that Jessie can enter his mind by touching his arm. Jessie refuses, but the man explains that accepting her abilities is the only way to stop the nightmares. Jessie wakes up, and tells Spike they have to go find the others.

Bea, Leo, and Billy find Hilton's hideout in the zoo's aviary, but are suspicious when they see no birds in the structure. They confront Hilton, and Bea tries to convince him that his baby is dead. However, he insists that someone swapped out the infant, and summons the birds to attack the group. Jessie and Spike arrive and manage to run inside just as Bea closes the doors. As the birds dive-bombing the windows in an attempt to enter, Jessie runs over to touch Hilton. She enters his memories, and learns that after her death the baby was taken to the morgue without Hilton ever getting the chance to see her. Unable to cope with his grief, he blocked the memory and fell under the delusion that his baby had been stolen. She also witnesses Hilton gain his powers through use of a spirit board. Overcome with the realization of his actions, Hilton breaks down and releases his control over the birds. Billy finds the missing babies upstairs, and Leo runs away.

Billy upset they were working for Watson

Billy was upset they had to keep working for Watson, but Bea told him they did not have a choice.

Back at the Duck and Quiver, Bea convinces Spike to break in to 221B to learn more about the Doctor and what he knows. Meanwhile, she and Billy will investigate the crimes. Jessie insists on coming with them as she is the only one with psychic abilities. Billy is upset that they are working for the Doctor again, but Bea maintains that they have no choice. Meanwhile, Leo has once again managed to escape the palace with the assistance of his sister Louise. He finds the other teens just as they are leaving for the investigation. However, he gets a cold reception. Bea angrily tells him to help Billy with the interviews before storming off. Across town, a young girl who loses a tooth is shocked when she discovers that instead all of her mother's teeth have been removed.

Back on Baker Street, Spike breaks into 221B after the Doctor leaves. He finds a letter addressed to John Watson concerning a group called the Golden Dawn. However, he is interrupted by someone entering the building. Spike hides under the bed, which the man laws down on. The man plays the violin briefly, before stopping and vomiting on the floor. Spike manages to leave after the man passes out, passing a strange room filled with occult artefacts on the way out.

Jessie shares this information with the rest of the group, but they realize they will first need to find the Rip before they can think about how to close it. Spike remembers a strange map of London in 221B. He informs the others that the Doctor's name is John Watson, and shows them the letter from the Golden Dawn. Deciding that Watson knows much more than he is telling, they agree to start there. Bea visits the Golden Dawn's headquarters, where she finds Mycroft Holmes waiting for her.

Group arrives at Mycroft's estate

The group of teenagers all walked together to Mycroft's estate.

The group arrives at Mycroft's estate after a tense morning between Billy and Leo, who did not return to the palace. Bea suggests they use the opportunity to investigate Sherlock as well as the murder. They are greeted by Mycroft's servants, who inform them that while Bea and Jessie will be posing as Mycroft's nieces, the boys will pretend to be servants. A maid shows Bea and Jessie to their rooms, where they dress for the evening. Downstairs, Leo and Billy work in a coal cellar and have another tense exchange around Bea, whom Leo realizes Billy has a crush on.

In the drawing room, Mycroft points out the various suspects to Bea and Jessie. The guests are Alan Crawley, the Golden Dawn's longest-serving member; the novelist R. P. Breakwater; Dion Cross, wife of a cabinet secretary; the engineer Gustav Felkin; and the actress Patricia Colman Jones. Mycroft briefly introduces the girls to the others before sending them out. Mycroft's butler shows them a hidden peephole, where they can keep an eye on the assembly. Crawley proposes voting for the next magus immediately and puts forward his own candidacy. Mycroft agrees to put it to a vote.

Spike talks to cook

Spike was able to talk to the cook, Mrs. Brown who told him about Sherlock.

In the kitchen, Spike talks to the cook, Mrs Brown, to learn more about Sherlock. Mrs Brown reveals Sherlock left about 15 years ago after falling in with a "bad man" and moving to Baker Street. She also says that the last time she saw Sherlock was when he came back to hide something in his old room in the attic. Leo and Spike find the room, which looks like a laboratory. Higher up in the attic, they find an locked puzzle box.

In the drawing room, Crawley demonstrates the Tarot to Spike and Jessie. He explains that each card has its own power, and attempts a reading. However, Jessie accidentally touches him and reveals that Crawley stole the deck from his dying uncle. Crawley and Dion Cross recognize Jessie as an "ipsissimus", a psychic of exceptional power, and attempt to recruit her. However, Jessie is frightened and runs out of the room. Breakwater goes to look for her, where he runs into Billy, who asks him why he was walking the hallway at the time of the murder. Breakwater agrees to tell him, but makes him promise not to tell anyone else.

Spike looks for Jessie in the attic, and tells Bea and Leo that she is an ipsissimus. Leo finds an entry for ipsissimi in the grimoire, which reveals that one can steal an ipsissimus' power by sacrificing them with dark magic. Bea realizes that the whole meeting is a trap to catch Jessie. Downstairs, Jessie is cornered by Crawley, but manages to get away. Meanwhile, the other four friends look for Jessie. Billy insists Breakwater and Dion are not behind the killings, but Bea is unconvinced. However, they soon find the pair murdered in Dion's room. Bea realizes they were lovers, explaining why Breakwater wouldn't reveal his alibi. Leo explains "The Lovers" means infatuation. Spike also notices that Dion wrote the Roman numeral XV with her foot, corresponding to the card "The Devil". Bea remembers that Mycroft was dressed up as the Devil during the ceremony earlier, and the group rushes to find him. Meanwhile, Jessie hears a woman's voice calling to her, and leaves the house under an enchantment.

Spike convincing Jessie to let go

Spike tried his best to convince Jessie to let go of the pole which would cause her death.

Jessie reaches a tower-shaped folly on the estate grounds, where Patricia is waiting for her. Still entranced by the love spell, she follows Patricia to the top of the tower. Patricia places Jessie's hands on a lightning rod and tells her to hold on before summoning a storm. Spike and Crawley reach the tower and enter, but Patricia closes the door behind them, trapping the rest of the group outside. Crawley tells Spike to rescue Jessie while he deals with Patricia. However, Patricia is able to convince him to join her by promising to share her powers once she absorbs Jessie's abilities. On the roof, Spike is able to convince Jessie to release the rod by telling him he loves her and asking for a hug. Patricia and Crawley arrive, and Patricia orders Jessie to grab the rod again. Spike restrains her, so Patricia orders Crawley to shoot him. However, Crawley is unable to do so, so Patricia grabs his gun and aims at Spike. At the last minute, Crawley shoves her and she hits the lightning rod just as a bolt hits, killing her instantly. With Patricia dead, the spells on Jessie and the estate dissipate.

Back in the house, Bea and the others meets with Mycroft. He admits that he is the head of a government department overseeing paranormal research. While his job was initially considered a joke, he soon realized that the Golden Dawn was on to something. Needing someone who could bridge the gap between science and magic, he enlisted his brother Sherlock. Unfortunately, Sherlock became obsessed with the subject. Mycroft reveals that there was another Rip, fifteen years ago, though he does not know who opened it or how it was closed. However, Sherlock was never the same afterwards. Mycroft blames the change on Dr Watson, and suggests that he is probably involved with the current crisis. He pays Bea and the group leaves.

Lestrade insults Jessie

Lestrade insulted Jessie, telling her he was an abomination.

Jessie, Billy, and Spike go to the scene of Cambridge's murder, where they meet Inspector Lestrade. Despite having requested Jessie's assistance, Lestrade reveals he considers her powers an abomination and treats her with hostility. While milling about the courtyard, Jessie accidentally bushes against a man, which sends her into a memory. She sees the man meeting with the two murdered men and a young girl in a nearby pub. They pay off the landlord and take the girl upstairs; the scene then shifts to the girl meeting with a midwife, complaining of symptoms that she thinks indicate pregnancy. Jessie returns to the present as the man escapes. She tells Lestrade and her friends that the man is the killer, and that he is actually a young girl.

Jessie leads the group to the pub from her vision. She explains the rest of her vision, and says that the girl must be disguising herself using the faces of her victims. Lestrade questions the landlord, who admits to knowing the victims but denies renting them a room, claiming that he is an upstanding family man. However, he tells them a girl matching Jessie's description lives in a taxidermy shop nearby.

Lestrade and the teenagers visit the taxidermy shop and speak to its owner, Mr Dixon. Dixon reveals the suspicious girl's name is Clara, but says he does not know where she is. He lets them into the basement, where Clara sleeps. The room is filled with taxidermies animals, which Jessie notices are all posed like families. Looking inside a cabinet, she finds the faces of the murdered men.

Jessie, Spike, and Billy arrive at the pub shortly after Lestrade, and find the inspector in shock after discovering the landlord's faceless body. He tells them that Clara escaped into the park out back, disguised as the landlord. Jessie tells Billy and Spike to find the girl before Lestrade, while she attempts to slow him down. However, Jessie becomes suspicious when Lestrade treats her kindly and realizes that the inspector is actually Clara. She takes Lestrade's gun and forces Clara to transform back into herself. Clara admits that she hates herself, and she feels like a freak, which Jessie sympathizes with. Clara asserts that she didn't plan to kill Lestrade, but was forced to when he attacked her. Jessie decides to allow Clara to escape, but first uses her psychic abilities to learn that Clara got her powers after praying for the ability to get revenge on the men who hurt her.

Sherlock passed out

Sherlock was passed outwhen Bea visited her mother's grave.

Back at the Duck and Quiver, Jessie tells Billy and Spike that Clara overpowered her and ran away, though they express skepticism. They are surprised to find an injured Leo laying in a cot. In the yard, Bea runs into Mrs Hudson. She asks Mrs Hudson whether Sherlock began using drugs around the time her mother disappeared, which Mrs Hudson confirms. Bea notices that her mother is wearing a ring in the from Sherlock's grimoire, and realizes she and Holmes were together. The epiphany leads her back to Alice's grave, where she finds Sherlock passed out.

Bea, Billy, Spike, and Leo visit Edith Dubois’ house and find it abandoned. It has also been partially ransacked, presumably by Watson. Bea finds photographs of Mrs Dubois with her sickly husband, and Billy finds the botanist’s journal. It describes how, faced with her husband’s imminent death, Dubois planned to put him into a coma and somehow rebuild him. They realize Edith must be the Collector. They wonder what Watson was so desperate to find in Dubois’ house, and why he lied to Holmes about the hawkweed being a dead end. Given that hawkweed requires such specific conditions to grow, it could only conceivably grow in the botanical gardens, so the group heads there to investigate.

Watson held by Edith

Watson was held hostage by Edith.

At the botanical gardens, Bea and her friends break into the head botanists’ nursery. There, they find Dubois attending to the corpse of her husband, Samuel. She reveals that her work is complete, and gloats about her powers over life. However, when she injects the serum into her husband to revive him, it fails. Edith muses that the illness must have spread to his organs, and that she needs more body parts. Bea tries to convince her to tell them more about Watson and the Rip. She even offers not to turn Edith over to the police in exchange for information over Spike and Billy’s protests that Edith will go right back to harvesting body parts if she remains free. When Edith realizes that Bea actually hates Watson, she reveals that she has him locked in a back room.

Billy kills Vic

Billy killed Vic when he challenged him.

On the street, Billy and Spike notice a strange lack of people due to recent events. Billy apologizes for his behavior towards Spike the other night. Unfortunately, Vic Collins appears after Spike leaves, and tries to provoke Billy into fighting him. Billy tries to walk away, but Collins instead begins beating him with his cane. Collins reveals that he named Billy, and tells him that he made Billy strong so that he could survive. He finally provokes Billy into punching him, but Billy knocks Collins into a pile of bricks and accidentally kills him. A bystanders calls the police and Billy is arrested.

Spike visits Billy in prison. He informs Billy of Leo’s real identity as a royal prince. Billy tells Spike that he expects a harsh punishment for killing Vic Collins; he suspects he will probably hang. He tells Spike to concentrate on closing the Rip. However, Spike response that Billy is an essential member of their group, and promises to get him out.

Spike travels to the palace, and is immediately detained after jumping over the back wall. Inside, Leo has tea with Princess Helena. Leo is sullen and quiet, which irritates the princess. She realizes that Leo is already in love with someone else. She tells him that she is as well, but she will go along with the marriage because it is her duty and for the good of her country. Nevertheless, Leo tells her that he plans to do everything he can to prevent their marriage.

Spike convinces Leo to return

Spike convinced Leo to come back with the team.

Back in the palace, Leo is surprised to find Spike talking to Louise. Leo asks her to leave, and Spike warns him that the city is descending into chaos. He tells him that the country could collapse if they don’t find the Rip. Spike is upset when Leo implies that he is no longer part of their friend group, but Leo responds he never really was; he was merely pretending to be someone else for a while. He asks Spike to leave on threat of being removed. However, Leo eventually breaks down and admits that he feels he doesn’t belong anywhere, which Spike replies is the reason they belong together.

Back at Baker Street, Bea and Watson check on Jessie. They cannot understand why Holmes would join the Linen Man, and Bea is particularly upset by his betrayal. As a result of the Linen Man’s touch, she finds herself having visions of her mother, and remembers when her mother left her and Jessie with Sister Anna. Spike arrives at the house with Billy and Leo, who managed to secure Billy’s release. Together, the four friends talk to Jessie, reaching her in her nightmare. This gives her the strength to climb out of the grave and destroy the plague doctors. She also has a vision of workers accidentally breaking into the cavern as part of excavations for the new London Underground, and learns that the cavern is located near Aldgate Station on the Inner Circle Line. Jessie wakes up and tells her friends about her discover, and warns them they have to hurry. Meanwhile, the Linen Man and Holmes break into the construction site at Aldgate, where they find the expanding Rip.

Boys gear up

Leo, Billy, and Spike geared up so they could fight if necessary.

In another room, Watson is preparing the boys for the battle to come. He tries to solve the riddle to unlock the weapon's cabinet when Billy takes a smalls statue and breaks the lock. Billy grabs his weapon of choice and then passes a rifle back to Spike. Leo declines a weapon at first, but the rest of the group tells him he will need it and not let himself get caught short. Once the group is armed and ready, they set out to the Rip. The city has fallen to mayhem and Watson warns them that the larger the Rip gets, the worse the mayhem will become. He tells them that he was apprehensive when he first asked for their help because they were children, but Bea reminds him that they still are. At the Rip, we see that The Linen Man has begun the ritual to grant him his god-like powers.

Bea remembers traumatic memory

Bea broke down crying when she remembered when she found out her mother was dead.

Billy tries to send Spike down first, but he is too afraid to until something rather large starts heading their way. Once safely in the sewers, Watson warns the group to be as quiet as possible and they begin heading towards the Rip. As they get closer, Bea begins to lag behind. She begins to hear whispers again, but this time they aren’t her mother's. In this new memory, she sees Watson speaking with Sister Anna. She isn’t sure what they are saying, but then Sister Anna turns to her and tells her that something has happened to her mom. Bea breaks down and beings to scream as she relives the memory of finding out her mother was dead. Watson and the rest overhear her and he backtracks to try and help her calm down. Sherlock can hear her cries as well and tells The Linen Man that they have arrived. The Linen Man warns Sherlock that he isn’t done but pauses the ritual to deal with them. Watson helps Bea get back on her feet and the group continues to make their way through the tunnels.

Leo with nosebleed

Leo imagined having a nosebleed, which scared him.

The group begins to separate little by little and a white flash passes by Spike and touches his shoulder. In the next moment, Vic Collins makes his way towards him. The same white flash passes and touches Leo, who instantly gets a nosebleed.The same thing happens to Spike, who instantly falls to the ground terrified. Jessie, Bea and Watson overhear Billy and Spike's screams and Watson realizes that The Linen Man has come for them.

Just before the same white flash moves past them, Watson fires and stops The Linen Man from coming close. Jessie tells them to stay where they are and that she will handle him. Watson tries to stop her, but she runs after The Linen Man. He stays behind to try and help Bea break out of The Linen Man's control. Meanwhile, Leo is bleeding profusely out of his nose, mouth and ears following by Spike screaming out for someone to "help her; she’s dying". It then jumps to Billy being taunted by Vic.

Everyone tries to regroup, but the tunnel collapses and separates Billy, Spike and Leopold from Bea, Jessie and Watson. Billy's leg is broken in the collapse and Bea tells them to head back to the cellar and keep each other safe. Billy is reluctant to go at first but eventually agrees. Spike and Leopold help Billy out of the tunnels while Bea and Watson continue on to find Jessie, who had made her way down to The Linen Man. He is somehow still alive and warns Jessie that if she tries to close the Rip, she will die.

Alice returns

Bea and Jessie watched Alice come back from inside the Rip.

Bea and Watson follow behind her and find Sherlock and the Rip. They all watch as Alice makes her way out of the Rip and breaks it open further. Bea believes this is all in her head, but Jessie tells her that this is real. Above ground, we can see that the streets have gotten far worse as Spike, Billy and Leopold navigate past a cannibal feasting on another man’s flesh. Down at the Rip, we get a sweet family reunion until the topic of the girl’s upbringing comes up. Sherlock apologizes for not being there for the girls and claims he tried, but Bea believes he is lying and that he abandoned her just last night.

Back near the cellar, Spike, Billy and Leo realize that things are getting far worse. Anytime someone even makes a small wish or prays, they are changing. It's clear to them that Jessie hasn't gotten a chance to close the Rip yet. They see a group of people with Sister Anna being chased down by a warped man and Spike runs up and "rifles" him. They suggest that Sister Anna and two parishioners come down into the cellar to keep safe.

At the cellar, monsters are trying to break in. Billy and Spike are ready to give up when Leopold reminds them that they still need to fight. They have each other and ask long as they do, they have something to fight for. The three get ready to make their final stand against the monsters.

Leo drowned

Leo was almost drowned by Sister Anna, who was corrupted.

A now corrupted Sister Anna kills the two parishioners and turns on the boys. They try to get away, but Sister Anna catches up with them. She throws Billy and Spike to the opposite side of the room, rendering them unconscious and goes after Leopold. Sister Anna tells him that he is unpure and she will baptize him before she kills him. She throws him into the sewer water and beings to try to drown him.

With the Rip closed, Sister Anna comes to before she was successful in drowning Leopold. Bea struggles to come to terms with what happened and Watson tells her that they're gone. At the cellar, Billy finally comes to completely and he and Leo realize that Jessie was successful. The two go to check on Spike and are worried he might be dead, but he slowly comes to as well. Spike asks if it is finally over and they share the good news with him.

The next morning, Billy, Spike, Jessie, Bea, Leopold and Watson meet at Alice's grave and place flowers on her tombstone. Bea gives a beautiful eulogy for Alice and Sherlock. The group gets ready to take their leave and Bea and Watson are left at the grave. Bea asks Waston what he will do now. He isn't sure what he will do, but he thinks he can find something. Bea invites him to come over for fish and chips, but he declines and says he has dinner plans.

Spike and Billy celebrate

Spike and Billy celebrated the closure of the Rip.

Back at the cellar, the group digs into their dinner. Leo asks Bea if she would take a step outside with him. Leo tells Bea that he can't stay for dinner and has to return to the palace. He promised his mother he would go to Europe and leaves the next day. He explains that because he is a royal, he has expectations of who he needs to marry. Leopold says that he likes Bea, but he has to marry who he is told even if he doesn't like her. Bea is confused with why Leo is going along with this. He explains that he loves her, but he has to go along with this. Bea tells him that he can do whatever he wants, that after spending all this time, she thought he would have changed. But Leo shares that he has to do it because this was the only way he could get them to agree to help Billy. He gave up his freedom for Billy's. If he doesn’t go back, they will arrest Billy again. He doesn't want Billy to know, though and asks Bea to keep it a secret. Bea finally understands why Leo has no choice. He explains that he didn't try to trick her but was trying to be his real self around her and the rest of the group. That he was happy that she liked him when she didn't even know he was a prince. She asks him if this was real and he reminds her that this was all real. Leo heads off to the palace and Bea finds herself at 221B. She finds Watson home alone, having lied about having dinner plans. She offers to share her fish and chips with him.

Back at the cellar, Spike and Jessie are discussing her new powers. Jessie asks him what he saw when The Linen Man touched him in the sewers. He tells her that he saw her everywhere, but she was hurt and dying. Jessie realizes that Spike's worst nightmare is losing her. She reaches out and holds his hand as they cuddle closer together.