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St Bartholomew's Hospital, also known simply as Barts, is a hospital in Smithfield in the City of London. Barts is the oldest hospital in London, having been founded in 1123 CE, and the oldest in the United Kingdom that still occupies its original site. London's only extant statue of Henry VIII is located above a gate at the hospital.

A Study in Scarlet[]

St Bartholomew's is the famous meeting place of Sherlock Holmes and Dr John Watson.

Sherlock (2010)[]

Which St Bart's is the place where John and Sherlock first meet.[1] It is a regular meeting place, and is used by both John and Sherlock to conduct experiments and to use the lab to solve crimes.[2] John met Sherlock through a mutual acquaintance, Mike Stamford, whom John had studied with and who knew Sherlock from his physical experiments at the hospital. Molly Hooper, a specialist registrar in the morgue, also works at St Barts, and is a frequent aid to Sherlock and his experiments.

Both John and Sherlock take refuge here when on the run from police, and Moriarty uses the roof to have his final showdown with Sherlock.[3]Which ultimately leads to Sherlock faking his death by jumping off the rook of the hospital

Notable people[]


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