Inspector Stanley Hopkins is a Scotland Yard detective who works with Sherlock Holmes on several occasions. He is a student and follower of the methods of Holmes, and unlike a number of his colleagues fully and willingly acknowledges Holmes' vital contributions to his own arrests.


Inspector Hopkins made two appearances in the Granada Television series, played in each episode by a different actor. He was portrayed in the 1986 episode The Abbey Grange by Paul Williamson, and in the 1994 episode The Golden Pince-Nez by Nigel Planer.

A modern version of the character appears in Elementary as DCI Hopkins, played by Tim McMullan. Unlike his Canon counterpart, he holds a higher rank. He invites Holmes to London in order to find DI Gareth Lestrade, whom he considers a detective inspector gone rogue.

A female equivalent of the character, DI Hopkins, appeared in Sherlock, played by Eleanor Matsuura.

In the adventure game Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments, which includes adaptations of The Adventure of Black Peter and The Adventure of the Abbey Grange, Hopkins' character is replaced with inspector Lestrade.

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