"Terra Pericolosa"

Season 3, Episode 6

Terra Pericolosa
Air Date 4 December, 2014
Writer Bob Goodman
Jeffrey Paul King (story)
Director Aaron Lipstadt
Previous "Rip Off
Next "The Adventure of the Nutmeg Concoction"
"Terra Pericolosa" is the sixth episode of season three of Elementary. It first aired on CBS on 4 December, 2014.


Holmes and Watson search for a thief who committed murder to steal a rare map. Meanwhile, Watson becomes concerned with Sherlock's escalating interference into Kitty's burgeoning personal life.


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Guest stars

  • Mamie Gummer - Margaret Bray
  • Eric Schweig - Leon Moody
  • Skipp Sudduth - William Ziff
  • K.Todd Freeman - Rafael
  • Liv Rooth - Sharon Tavener


  • The title is Latin or Italian for "Dangerous Land", presumably a map label of a comparable order to the "terra incognita" (unknown land) which marked the Antipodes in ancient cartography.

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