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The Art of Sleights and Deception is the twentieth episode of season five of Elementary. It first aired on CBS on the 23rd April, 2017.


Holmes and Watson get mixed up in murder and magic when they investigate the death of a magician killed while performing a classic stunt. Also, Watson suspects Bell is being targeted by the ex-husband of his girlfriend, Chantal, after a false allegation lands him the middle of an Internal Affairs investigation.


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  • Chasten Harmon - Chantal Milner
  • Matthew Lawler - Titus Gorham
  • Leslie Fray - Angela Newsome
  • Joey Sorge - Markham
  • Ryan Oakes - Claude Rysher/Razr
  • Maury Ginsberg - Keating
  • Robert Christopher Riley - Roy Booker
  • Rachel Wenitsky - Lela
  • Jason Butler Harner - Ballard Clifton
  • James Joseph O'Neil - Frye
  • Chivonne Michelle - Bethesda
  • Ching Valdes-Aran - Shopkeep

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