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The Baker Street Four (Les Quatre de Baker Street ) is a series of graphic novels derived from Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes that "provides an inside look behind the infamous Baker Street Irregulars". The series was originally published in France by Vents d'Ouest in 2009, and was translated into English by Insight Editions in 2017.[1] The original French series has been published in eight volumes so far; the most recent story "Les Maitres de Limehouse" (Vol.8) was released in October 2019. The English version of the series has been condensed into four books with two stories per volume (with the exception of Vol. 4 which instead includes The World of Baker Street in the second half.) The World of Baker Street is a collection of short stories and articles describing Victorian life and those of the characters. An English version of Les Maitres de Limehouse has not yet been published.

Volume 1 Summary[]

Billy, Charlie, and Tom are inseparable, and for good reason. Filled with con men and scoundrels, London’s East End is not a place that is easily survived alone. Fortunately, these three can count on the protection of Sherlock Holmes, for whom they work for as his "Baker Street irregulars"

The Blue Curtain[]

Volume one starts off the series in 1889 and exposes the reader to the harsh realities of Victorian London through the eyes of an intelligent, quick witted and lucky band of street kids. When Tom’s girlfriend is kidnapped, the heroes will have to use their budding sleuthing skills to find her. Along the way, they unexpectedly add a fourth member to the team and ultimately become the youngest detectives of the Victorian era![2]

The Rabukin Case[]

Autumn, 1890. When a Russian political refugee urgently seeks out Holmes for help, she runs into no other than Billy, Charlie and Tom. In Holme's absence, they agree to help her save an innocent man framed for murder. Can they liberate him before it's too late ? Or will they meet their ends with the cynical Okhrana ?

Volume 2 summary[]

Volume two leads Billy, Charlie, Tom and Watson the cat through the elegant streets of uptown London and the sinister hallways of The Bedlam Asylum. (3) The book starts in the winter of 1890-1891 when Sherlock Holmes entrusts our heroes with a seemingly simple case before he leaves to face Moriarty. Follow our young sleuths as the story ventures further and further into the lives of the rich, the needy, the powerful, and the crooked of the Victorian underworld.

The Stepney Nightingale[]

It all begins when Holmes entrusts his proteges with a new case to investigate Lord Neville Asprey III's nocturnal escapades in the East End. (3) What seemed to be an easy mission quickly turns into a series of rescue missions for a peculiar couple. Not only do they have to fight the negative societal opinion of their relationship, but now a notorious extortion wing as well!. Thankfully, they can count on Billy, Charlie, Tom and Watson to save them before it's too late... Or can they?

The Orphans of London[]

Nothing could have prepared the junior detective team for the news from Reichenbach Falls. Sherlock Holmes has perished. Struggling with shock and grief, the Baker Street Four will never be the same again. After parting ways, our young heroes must embark on their darkest adventures yet. (3) Will this terrible news tear them apart forever? Or could it take a miracle to reunite them?