The Brownstone
Location in Elementary
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Vital statistics
Location 42 Stanford Avenue, Brooklyn, New York City, 11209, USA
Position Terraced house
Owner M. Holmes
Appearances Elementary

The Brownstone is Sherlock Holmes' and Joan Watson's home, 42 Stanford Avenue, Brooklyn, New York City, 11209. The brownstone is owned by Sherlock Holmes' father, M. Holmes. The brownstone consists of at least three floors, a basement, and a terrace on the roof. The roof has a view of the Queensboro Bridge and the borough of Manhattan; this is also where Sherlock keeps his bees. Sherlock describes it as "the shoddiest and least renovated of the five - count them, five - properties he [Morland] owns in New York".

Known Rooms

  • Basement, including kitchen and Sherlock's room
  • Groundfloor open plan living room/study/entrance hall/library
  • Joan's room (2nd Floor)
  • Bathroom (2nd Floor)
  • Media Room (3rd Floor)
  • Roof terrace with bee hives


  • Kitchen
  • Kitchen
  • Kitchen
  • Basement
  • Basement
  • Groundfloor
  • Sherlock's padlocks
  • Groundfloor showing study area
  • Groundfloor showing computer area
  • Showing books and fireplace
  • Joan's room
  • Joan's bed
  • Roof terrace and bee hives

Behind the scenes

  • Whilst the Brownstone is supposed to be situated in Brooklyn, it was actually filmed on a street in Harlem with the interiors shot at Silvercup East studios in Long Island City.[1]
  • The roof with the view of the Queensboro Bridge is located at the SE corner of 44th Ave and 10th St in Long Island City, 10036.


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