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The Bruce-Partington Plans is the ninth episode of the first series of the BBC's 1960s TV series Sherlock Holmes. The episode is based on the eponymous short story.


Actor Role
Douglas Wilmer Sherlock Holmes
Nigel Stock Doctor Watson
Bart Allison platelayer
Erik Chitty waiter
Allan Cuthbertson colonel Valentine Walter
Carl Duering Herr Oberstein
Derek Francis Mycroft Holmes
Gordon Gostelow Sydney Johnson
Walter Horsbrugh butler
Enid Lindsey Mrs. Hudson
Peter Madden inspector Lestrade
Sandra Payne Violet Westbury
John Woodnutt station master

Missing episode status[]

This is one of the episodes of the first, 1965 series of the programme that are currently partially missing. Due to several issues in the 1960s BBC, missing episodes are presumed partially or completely lost from existing television archives, until rediscovered. While the second series from 1968 has been deeply affected by this, only two episodes in the first series have been subject to the issue. One of them is this episode, the other The Abbey Grange. Only some footage is missing from these two episodes, rather than the entire episode. In the case of The Bruce-Partington Plans episode, the missing part is its second half. However, despite the second half's missing footage, the complete audio track of the whole episode has survived. [1]

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