The Copper Beeches
Vital statistics
Location Winchester, Hampshire, England
Position Country house
Owner Jephro Rucastle
Appearances "The Adventure of the Copper Beeches"

The Copper Beeches is a country house located in rural Hampshire in southern England, five miles outside of the county town of Winchester. Miss Violet Hunter was offered a position at this house providing child care for the son of Jephro Rucastle, and consulted with Sherlock Holmes about whether to take it; after accepting the job, however, she again found herself in need of Holmes' help to solve the mystery in which she found herself entangled.


The house is located off the Southhampton highroad in the middle of a beautiful park, with a lawn on the road-facing side. On all other sides the house is surrounded by a wood belonging to a different property. A clump of beeches near the front door give the house its name. On the property is also a small outbuilding where the groundskeeper resides and where a large doghouse is kept.

Despite its attractive location, the house itself is not beautiful; it is a square, whitewashed and weather-worn structure. The entire front of the house on the first floor is taken up by a drawing-room, which is illuminated by three full-length windows. On the second floor of the house was a wing unused by the family, locked, and with one window boarded up.