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The Cross Keys Inn is located in Dartmoor, England. It was owned by two men, Gary and Billy.

The Hounds of Baskerville[]

When they investigated a case involving sightings of monstrous hound for Henry Knight in Dartmoor, Sherlock and John stayed at the Cross Keys, where the owners, along with many others, believed they were a couple.

Sherlock and John pretended to have a bet to get information from a man named Fletcher, who claimed to have seen the hound. Later, Sherlock and John had a fight in the lobby area after their journey to Dewer's Hollow. The owners, Gary and Billy were suspected to own the giant dog when John found a receipt for pounds of meat. They said that they did own a big dog, but had to put it down because it was impossible to tame or restrain. However, they had lied and the dog was still on the loose, later being killed when it attacked.[1]


Behind the scenes[]

  • Filming of The Cross Keys Inn took place at the Bush Inn in St Hilary, both inside and out.[2]

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