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The Games Underfoot is the fifth episode of season four of Elementary. It first aired on CBS on 10 December, 2015.


When an archaeologist is murdered, Holmes and Watson believe the man may have been killed for what he discovered during his last excavation in a local landfill. Also, Sherlock's relationship with Alfredo, his friend and former sobriety sponsor, hits a rough patch.


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  • Erin Fritch - Mila Burnstyn
  • Salvatore Inzerillo - Superintendent
  • Will Brill - Tyler Eggert
  • Daniel Jenkins - Dwight Ostrin
  • Jon Devries - Martin
  • Stacey Yen - Amy Kim
  • Nick Wyman - Duncan Brice
  • Andrew Weems - Attorney


  • The title is a play on "the game's afoot!", which is something of a catchphrase for screen versions of Holmes.
  • The story of the disposal of the game at the center of the episode, Nottingham Knights, is clearly inspired by the planned release of ET in 1982 by Atari.

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