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The Illustrious Client is the eleventh episode of season three of Elementary. It first aired on CBS on 22 January, 2015.


Watson begins her new job as an in-house investigator for an insurance firm. However, her attention shifts to a case that is personal for both her and Holmes when they join forces to eliminate an imminent threat to Kitty.


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Guest stars[]

  • Stuart Townsend - Del Gruner
  • P.J. Sosko - Simon de Merville
  • Tammy Blanchard - Violet de Merville
  • Katrina Lenk - Sonia Horvat
  • David Valcin - Osweiler
  • Murphy Guyer - Detective Whitaker
  • Stan Demidoff - TARU Detective
  • Robert Eli - Ron Davis
  • Roe Hartrampf - Bartender
  • Wallace Smith - ESU Officer #1


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