The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes
Memoirs of sherlock holmes
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Arthur Conan Doyle



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The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

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The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes are a collection of twelve short stories published in The Strand as further episodes of the Adventures between December 1892 and December 1893 with original illustrations by Sidney Paget. They were first published as a collection in 1894.

They include one of the most famous Sherlock Holmes stories, "The Adventure of the Final Problem", in which Doyle "killed" Holmes. Several of the stories are told in a way which is more from Holmes' own point of view, as he tells Watson some of the early work that he did before meeting the doctor.



  • Conan Doyle hoped to give his time and attention to other literary and non-literary pursuits. His historical novels, for example, were considered by numerous critics to be his greatest works. Nevertheless, public clamour and demand would lead to the return of (and to) Holmes.

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  1. In America, this story was removed from Memoirs and placed instead in His Last Bow.