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"The One Percent Solution" is the sixteenth episode of season two of Elementary. It first aired on CBS on 27 February, 2014.


Sherlock and Joan are called to investigate a bombing at a restaurant that targeted finance executives and government officials. On the case, they are reunited and forced to work with Gareth Lestrade, who is now consulting for one of the CEOs involved in the case. Videotape from the hotel attached to the restaurant leads Sherlock and Joan to suspect that Lestrade is covering up his boss' involvement. It is discovered that the CEO is being targeted by a blackmailer who was one of many to whom he offered indecent proposals in the past and that Lestrade has been helping him make the offers. The CEO is forced to reveal his involvement in order to catch the blackmailing bomber. Lestrade loses his job and comes to stay with Sherlock and Joan.


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Guest Stars[]

  • Sean PertweeGareth Lestrade
  • Sarah Goldberg – Miss Truepenny
  • Bill Irwin – Richard Balsille
  • Maggie Lacey – Louise Forrester
  • Bhavesh Patel – Neetzan Mehmet
  • Parker Pogue – John Bowden
  • Rosalyn Coleman – Hotel Manager
  • Don Sparks – Lawyer
  • Justin Morck – ESU Leader
  • Robert Jimenez – Orderly Guillermo


  • The title of this episode refers to the seven percent solution, the type of cocaine Sherlock Holmes used in the original stories, as well as the 'one percenters', the mega-rich who often feel unfairly targeted by taxes.

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