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The Past Is Parent is the first episode of season four of Elementary. It first aired on CBS on 5th November, 2015.


Sherlock faces the consequences of his relapse, and his father arrives to try to fix the situation. Joan and Sherlock, trying to get back on NYPD's good side, search for a missing woman, working on the theory that she was killed by her husband.


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  • David Zayas - Juan Murillo
  • Patrick Page - Jonathan Bloom
  • Tim Guinee - Agent McNally
  • Gary Milner - Mr Cook
  • Alia Attallah - Agatha
  • Devika Bhise - Minerva
  • Paul Calderon - Zuniga
  • Terrell Donnell Sledge - Corrections Officer
  • Victor Cruz - Manager
  • Miriam Cruz - Alicia's Aunt
  • Gigi Stone - Newscaster
  • Flora Diaz - Maribel Fonseca

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