The Pearl of Death
The Pearl of Death
Film information

Directed by

Roy William Neill

Release Date(s)

22 September, 1944

Preceded by

The Scarlet Claw

Followed by

The House of Fear

The Pearl of Death is a Sherlock Holmes film directed by Roy William Neill. It was the ninth film to star Basil Rathbone as Holmes and Nigel Bruce as Dr Watson.

The story is loosely based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's short story "The Adventure of the Six Napoleons".


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  • Basil Rathbone as Sherlock Holmes
  • Nigel Bruce as Dr John Watson
  • Evelyn Ankers as Naomi Drake
  • Dennis Hoey as Inspector Lestrade
  • Miles Mander as Giles Conover
  • Ian Wolfe as Amos Hodder
  • Charles Francis as Digby
  • Holmes Herbert as James Goodram
  • Richard Nugent as Bates
  • Mary Gordon as Mrs Hudson
  • Rondo Hatton as The Hoxton Creeper
  • Wilson Benge as Second Ship's Steward
  • Billy Bevan as Constable
  • Harry Cording as George Gelder
  • Al Ferguson as Security Guard
  • Colin Kenny as Security Guard
  • Connie Leon as Ellen Care
  • John Merkyl as Doctor Julien Boncourt
  • Leyland Hodgson as Customs Officer
  • Lillian Bronson as Harker's Housekeeper
  • Harold De Becker as Boss
  • Leslie Denison as Police Sergeant Murdock
  • J.W. Austin as Police Sergeant Bleeker
  • Arthur Mulliner as Thomas Sandeford
  • Arthur Stenning as First Ship's Steward
  • Eric Wilton as Conover's Chauffeur
  • Charles Knight as Bearded Man
  • Audrey Manners as Body of Teacher

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