The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes
Private life of sherlock holmes 1970poster
1970 movie poster by Robert McGinnis
Film information

Directed by

Billy Wilder

Produced by

I. A. L. Diamond
Billy Wilder

Written by

I. A. L. Diamond
Billy Wilder

Music by

Miklós Rózsa


Christopher Challis

Editing by

Ernest Walter


Compton Films
The Mirisch Corporation
Phalanx Productions

Distributed by

United Artists

Release Date(s)

29 October 1970 (US)
3 December 1970 (UK)

Running time

125 minutes


$10,000,000 (est.)

The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes is a 1970 film directed and produced by Billy Wilder; he also shared writing credit with his longtime collaborator I.A.L. Diamond. It starred Robert Stephens as Sherlock Holmes and Colin Blakely as Dr Watson. The film offers an affectionate, slightly parodic look at the man behind the public façade, and draws a distinction between the "real" Holmes and the character portrayed by Watson in his stories for The Strand Magazine.

The film looks at the private side of Sherlock Holmes and explores Holmes' cocaine addiction, and his relationship with a prima ballerina who asks Holmes to father her child.


When a bored Holmes eagerly takes the case of Gabrielle Valladon after an attempt on her life, the search for her missing husband leads to Loch Ness and the legendary monster.


  • Robert Stephens as Sherlock Holmes
  • Colin Blakely as Dr John Watson
  • Geneviève Page as Gabrielle Valladon
  • Christopher Lee as Mycroft Holmes
  • Irene Handl as Mrs Hudson
  • Clive Revill as Rogozhin
  • Tamara Toumanova as Madame Petrova
  • Stanley Holloway as 1st Gravedigger
  • Mollie Maureen as Queen Victoria
  • Catherine Lacey as Old Woman
  • James Copeland as the guide
  • Jenny Hanley as a prostitute

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