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The View From Olympus is the eighteenth episode of season three of Elementary. It first aired on CBS on 2 April, 2015.


A driver for a ride sharing company is killed when he is intentionally run over by a city cab. Holmes and Watson investigate and wonder if the death is a case of professional jealousy. Meanwhile, a casual romance Sherlock has with one of his long time "irregular" consultants gets complicated when the woman makes a shocking request - and one with a deep agenda.


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  • Jeremy Cohenour - Brandon Falcheck
  • Julian Seredowych - Galen Barrow
  • Anastasia Griffith - Agatha Spurrell
  • Devin Ratray - Gordon Meadows
  • Kate Jennings Grant - Lydia Guerrero
  • Andre Ward - Bobby Alacqua
  • Bill English - Eric Frazier
  • Zoe Winters - Mahra Kemp
  • Marc Damon Johnson - Dispatcher
  • Eshan Bay - Roommate

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