Tredannick Wollas
Tredannick Wollas
Vital statistics
Location Cornwall, England
Position Village
Appearances "The Devil's Foot"

Tredannick Wollas was a village in Cornwall, England. It was located south of Helston on the Lizard Peninsula, near Poldhu Cove. Tredannick Wartha, a villa belonging to the Tregennis family, was located some distance from it inland. The local vicar as of 1897 was Mr Roundhay.

Tredannick Wollas was the closest settlement to the holiday cottage that Sherlock Holmes and Dr John Watson rented in spring 1897, after Dr Moore Agar ordered the former to strict rest for overexerting himself in his work. However, a remarkable crime occurred there not long after their arrival, leading to the case Watson recounts in The Adventure of the Devil's Foot.


Tredannick Wollas had a couple hundred inhabitants and an "ancient, moss-grown church" and vicarage. The surrounding countryside was rural and dotted with ancient burial mounts and earthworks. Watson describes it as "grim" and "sombre".



  • The village name is a thinly-veiled reference to the hamlet of Predannack Wollas, now the site of the Predannack Airfield. However, the description of the village more closely matches the larger town of Mullion just to its north.
  • The "Wollas" in the village name comes from the Cornish word goles, meaning "lower"; similarly, the "Wartha" in Tredannick Wartha means "upper". The real village of Predannack was split into upper and lower manors owned by different families in medieval times.[1]