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"Tremors" is the tenth episode of season two of Elementary. It first aired on CBS on 5 December, 2013.


Sherlock's law-bending ways are questioned by a Board of Inquiry, when the man whose phone he stole during the course of investigation shoots Bell after he loses his job. Through the questioning, Sherlock was able to solve the murder and clear a mentally ill man of a crime he did not commit, and a doctor murdered a woman to cover the fact that a clinical trial was killing her. In the end, Bell defends Sherlock's process to the Police Commissioner, but is unable to forgive him personally.


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Guest stars[]

  • Elizabeth Marvel – Cassandra Walker
  • Frankie Faison – Judge Brewster O'Hare
  • Jordan Lage – Dr Phineas Hobbs
  • Zachary Booth – Silas Cole
  • Brian Reddy – Commissioner August Patrick
  • Danny Mastrogiorgio – James Dylan
  • Angel Desai – Dr Gretchen Primler
  • Robert Turano – Bailiff
  • Tom Day – Uniform Cop

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