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Under My Skin is the twenty-first episode of season three of Elementary. It first aired on CBS on 23 April, 2015.


When two New York City paramedics are killed during a kidnapping, Holmes and Watson join the manhunt to find the murderer and the woman he abducted. Also, Holmes learns important information about his recovery sponsor, Alfredo, that strains their relationship.


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  • Fisher Stevens - Marty Ward
  • Terry Serpico - Wallace Turk
  • Gene Farber - Janko Stepovic
  • Natalie Gold - Sarah Penley
  • Michael McGlone - Lloyd
  • Sarah Bolt - Maggie Halpern
  • Jillian Taylor - Paige
  • Dana Berger - Paramedic
  • Nathan Hinton - Head of Security
  • Kevin Morrow - Detective Bailey
  • Danny McCarthy - Detective Nash
  • Rebecca Hirota - Receptionist


  • The episode name could reference any one of a number of songs with the title, as well as the classic Cole Porter number "I've Got You Under My Skin".

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