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Up to Heaven and Down to Hell is the fifteenth episode of season four of Elementary. It first aired on CBS on the 3rd March, 2016.


When Watson runs into Captain Gregson and his secret girlfriend (Virginia Madsen), a former NYPD officer, she inadvertently sets the couple's breakup in motion. Also, Holmes and Watson investigate the murder of a wealthy woman who left her considerable estate solely to a beloved dog.


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  • Virginia Madsen - Paige
  • Skipp Sudduth - William Hull
  • Malcolm Gets - Malcolm Busquet
  • Brian Avers - Elliot
  • Andy Taylor - Alan Graham
  • Edelen McWilliams - Alan's Lawyer
  • Jackie Hoffman - Female Activist
  • Jon Shaver - Town Car Driver
  • Haddi Tabal - Jason Leary
  • Rebecca S'manga Frank - Passerby
  • Cullen Wheeler - Derek O'Neal

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