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Greg: " Now come on, be sensible!"
Vivian Norbury: "Hm, no I don't think so."
The Six Thatchers

Mrs. Vivian Norbury was an older woman who spent her working life working for the British Government/security services as a PA. She is an enemy of Sherlock Holmes and Mary Watson.


Vivian is first seen sitting in the corner of Lady Smallwood's office. She is used in Sherlock's example, and is asked what she would be doing at the weekend. Here she is shown to be a sweet, somewhat absent minded elderly woman.

At the end of the episode, Vivian is revealed to be the real villain, and explains to Sherlock, Mary and later Lestrade, Mycroft and Watson that she was "ammo", the English woman who betrayed the secret services and the A.G.R.A assassination unit. At the end of the episode, she pulls out a gun in an attempt to shoot Sherlock, Mary in protecting Sherlock, took the bullet point blank in the chest and succumbed to her injuries. Vivian was arrested immediately.


Initially, Vivian is shown to be sweet, reserved, and a little absent-minded, but as she reveals herself in the case's climax, it's clear that is not the case. She is revealed to be a highly intelligent, proud, cold, calculating, opportunistic, sociopathic traitor and murderer with many personal problems motivating her to betray her colleagues and country. She had three cats as a way of coping with her husband's passing some time earlier, and a drinking problem exacerbated by grief, isolation and loneliness. She owned property in Cornwall as well as a modest flat in London from the money she made selling secrets 6 years earlier. Vivian is described by Sherlock as very clever but prone to jealousy.

Norbury's actions in the Tbilisi terrorist incident ended in the murder of all hostages including the Tbilisi Ambassador and the presumed death of every member of A.G.R.A, who were all sent in to rescue the hostages. This directly led to the British Government and Secret Services unilateral decision to no longer contract private assassins due to this catastrophic blunder and the risks of it occurring again.


"I'm just here to look at the fish..."
―Vivian to Sherlock [src]
"I just wanted some peace, some clarity."
―Vivian to Sherlock [src]
"Just a little peace. That's all you wanted too, wasn't it? A family? A home? Really, I understand. So, just let me get out of here, alright? I'll vanish, I'll go forever. What do you say?"
―Vivian to Mary [src]


  • She lives in a flat on Wigmore Street, where the pavement has been taken up.
  • Vivian owns a cottage in Cornwall and stays at a flat on West London's Wigmore street.
  • She is widowed.
  • She likes mivvies iced lollies
  • She owns three cats: two Burmese and a tortoise shell.
  • She loves to visit the aquarium.
  • She has a drinking problem.
  • She drinks red wine.
  • She always wanted to be a field agent and was highly jealous of them.



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