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Von Herder (フォン・ヘルダー Fon Herudā) is an inventor for MI6 specializing in firearms also known as "Q" and is a member of William James Moriarty's group.


Von Herder is based off of Van Herder who was referenced as the "blind German mechanic" who built Moran's air-rifle in "The Adventure of the Empty House" as well as Q from the James Bond films and film-novelizations.


Von Herder is an adult man from Germany with light blonde hair, who is always blindfolded. Compared to the other characters, he is shown to be particularly pale.

He is typically seen wearing blue three-piece suit, with a navy waistcoat and maroon tie, accompanied by his signature black blindfold. He appears to have a gold chain linked to his waistcoat, and carries around a partially mechanized silver and black cane.


Von Herder is extremely knowledgeable about weapons, being a leading expert in regards to both their manufacturing and those who make them (i.e. which makers or factories specialize in certain materials or builds). In addition to his expertise, he himself is a skilled gunsmith, handling custom rifle orders for Moran and MI6.

As part of his weapon-making, Von Herder likes to question his customers on how they're handling previous guns he's crafted for them, such as whether any adjustments are required. If possible, he likes to accompany them directly into the field to observe the weapons in action, as seen during the Jack the Ripper incident.

However, he seems to be capable of discerning certain details about the weapons and their efficacy in combat just from examining the gun itself, seeing as he urgently reminded Moran not to damage the new silent rifle he made for him so that Von Herder could collect "data" after the mission was complete.


  • This marks the first time the character has ever physically appeared in any visual Sherlock Holmes media.