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When Your Number's Up is the fifteenth episode of season three of Elementary. It first aired on CBS on the 19 February, 2015.


Holmes and Watson follow a blood trail into the world of wrongful death compensation when they investigate a series of murders, in which the killer leaves envelopes of cash on the victims as a calling card. Also, Holmes makes a generous gesture towards Watson as she suffers through the aftermath of a personal crisis.


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Guest stars[]

  • Alicia Witt - Dana Powell
  • Michael Cumpsty - Arlen Schrader
  • Maria Dizzia - Penny
  • Jason Pendergraft - Freddy Duncan
  • Jay Fernandez - Samuel Cardenas
  • Julia Murney - Gayle Wolper
  • Anastasia Barzee - Erin Chatworth
  • Fred Arsenault - Building Manager
  • Craig Wroe - Dana's Lawyer
  • Bob Ari - Jeweler
  • Nick Kohn - Crew Member
  • Cathleen Trigg - Reporter
  • Mario Basquez - News Anchor
  • Moti Margolin - Henry Wilseck


  • The title references the fatalistic concept that when you are 'destined' to die, it will happen, irrespective of any precautions you might take.

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