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Wiggins is the most frequent helpmate to Sherlock Holmes besides Doctor Watson himself.

He also leads the Baker Street Irregulars, the unofficial cadre of street children that help Holmes on some of the more baffling cases, acting as his eyes, ears and information gathering service.


  • Wiggins appeared in the 1960s BBC series' 1968 episodes A Study in Scarlet and A Study in Scarlet, portrayed by Tony McLaren.
  • Wiggins is the leader of the Baker Street Irregulars in the 1983 children's TV series The Baker Street Boys.
  • Wiggins was portrayed by Courtney Roper-Knight in the Granada Television series. He only appeared in the 1987 adaptation The Sign of Four, since the Granada series never adapted A Study in Scarlet.
  • Wiggins is given a pivotal role in the Holmes parody "Without a Clue", frequently showing Holmes up in a variety of situations, and providing Dr Watson with 'real help', including demonstrations of his considerable talents as a pickpocket.
  • In Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century Wiggins is a young Londoner who helps Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson and inspector Beth Lestrade in their investigations, along with fellow helpers Deirdre and Tennyson. This is a rare portrayal of Wiggins as black.
  • Bill Wiggins from Sherlock is a modern adaptation of the character, portrayed by Tom Brooke. Unlike the Canon Wiggins, he is closer in age to Sherlock Holmes, rather than a young man. His given name also references the character of Billy, a young page boy in the employ of Holmes, who appeared in a handful of stories.
  • Wiggins appears in the 2014 adventure game Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments by Frogwares, where he plays a bigger role in some events and investigations of the overall storyline. The game's Wiggins is a slightly older boy, in his later teens, much like his Canon counterpart.