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"The [class] system cannot be changed overnight... What we need is a start, and that is... to turn London into the lowest pits of hell. A city of crime. […] Our goal isn't crime. Crime is simply a means to an end, Moran. Like I have just told you, changes cannot happen overnight. But people’s hearts, they change in an instant. [...] And the best way to strike at their emotions - is death."
―William James Moriarty [src]

Moriarty, real name unknown, having taken on the name of his deceased adoptive brother William James Moriarty (ウィリアム・ジェームズ・モリアーティ, Wiriamu Jēmuzu Moriāti), is the main character of Moriarty the Patriot. His arch nemesis is Sherlock Holmes and he is a professor of mathematics, as well as a crime consultant.



The boy who would come to be known as "William" lived in an orphanage with his sick brother Louis. With his immense intelligence and charisma he would help people and preach to the other children. He eventually met the eldest Moriarty child, Albert James Moriarty, who would often visit the orphanage. After Albert found out about William's goal to destroy the class system, he promised him all of his power and had his father adopt him and Louis.

In a joint effort between him, Louis and Albert, they burn down the manor and kill the rest of the household in the process - William officially posing as the biological child "William James Moriarty" and taking on his name.

13 years later, William would become a professor of mathematics and lecture students at Durham university. As a side occupation, he is a private consultant, taking on cases involving cruel nobles and punishing them. This is part of his plan to turn around the nation and rid it of its discriminatory class system.

He is joined on this venture by his younger brother Louis and his older brother Albert, who makes use of his position in the military and secret service to help William. He is also joined by two other individuals, Sebastian Moran a former soldier who was declared "Killed in Action" during the Afghan War and Fred Porlock, a young man who specializes in espionage and information gathering.

The Lord of Crime and the Detective[]

During his schemes on a cruise ship, he crosses path with Sherlock Holmes, a consulting detective who resides at 221B Baker Street and who is assisted by a medical doctor, John H. Watson, who writes about Sherlock's adventures under the pseudonym "Conan Doyle".

William is immediately intrigued by Sherlock and decides to test him, setting up a crime where Sherlock is framed for murder. Sherlock manages to solve it and is then faced with an offer: shooting the culprit to learn more about the mastermind behind the case. Sherlock is excited by the prospect of the mastermind but ultimately refuses, proving him worthy in William's eyes.

William declares Sherlock the hero of their tale, starting the chase of the detective after the Lord of Crime.

During the Final Problem, the crimes and violence he commits begin to take a strong toll on him. He is visibly dejected and loses much of his expressiveness. William cannot forgive himself for all the murder and spilled blood, prepared to die not only for the plan but out of personal wish. He continues to keep his allies from harm, giving order for them to stay behind while he carries on with the murders.

Because of his unique genius and desire to protect, William feels a certain solitude from his family and friends despite their love and support. Due to this distance between him and his allies, they're also unable to persuade William from his determination to pay with his life. In Sherlock Holmes however, he finds his equal and the one person to truly understand him. Although William was always almost solely focused on executing his plan, he found himself wishing to be friends with Sherlock and even considered throwing everything away to be with him.

In the end, Sherlock is the one to save him and show him that death is no atonement.


Following this, William struggled to find his way forward and an answer on how to go about his atonement. He's quite reserved and sentimental during this period, even crying multiple times. However, William eventually realizes that one correct answer doesn't exist and that constant wavering is part of life, making an oath with Sherlock to keep living and struggling together.

William is much more determined and cheerful after coming to this conclusion, even able to fight again. Three years later Paterson and Jack also point out that he smiles more again and that his personality is closer to when he was younger.[1] William is still resolute in atoning for his past until the end of his life.[2]


William is a pale, lean young man with blonde hair that is medium in length with long side bangs and a prolonged side fringe. One of his most striking features are his scarlet eyes. He has a handsome appearance and has been told he looks better when he smiles.

For clothing, he wore a brown three-piece suit with a red tie and a golden pocket watch. In some scenes he was seen wearing a top hat and holding a cane. The cane would also frequently function as his weapon since it could be unsheathed and act as a sword.


Following the fall, his left eye is scarred and permanently blinded, seemingly having lost some of its colour as well. Because of this, he wears a black eyepatch. He now also wears a black tie and black three-piece suit instead of his previous brown one.


  • He is symbolized by a red rose.
  • He and Sherlock are the same age (27 years old) and height (6'1"/185 cm).
  • He likes smiles and tea.[3]
  • He dislikes tears.[3]
  • He is inspired by the figure of Jesus Christ.
  • His current goal is to atone for his past deeds, while his current worry is that people aren't mentioning his left eye to avoid making him uncomfortable.[3]
  • He loves stargazy pie.


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