"The [class] system can’t be changed immediately. But what we can do is plunge London into the depths of Hell. Turn it into a city of Crime. […] Our goal isn't crime. Crime is simply a means to an end, Moran. The system can’t be changed immediately. But people’s hearts, they change in an instant. People are mobilised by their feelings, you must have understood that from Durham. What hits people the hardest - is Death.."
―William James Moriarty [src]

Moriarty, real name unknown, known by the name of his deceased adoptive brother William James Moriarty (ウィリアム・ジェームズ・モリアーティ, Wiriamu Jēmuzu Moriāti), is the main character of Moriarty the Patriot. His arch nemesis is Sherlock Holmes. He is a Professor of Mathematics and Crime Consultant.


The boy who would come to be known as "Moriarty" lived in an orphanage with his sick brother Louis, with his immense intelligence and charisma he would help people and acted as a leader of sorts to the other children. He eventually met the eldest Moriarty child Albert James Moriarty, who would often visit the orphanage to help the children, after Albert found out about the future Moriarty's goal to make everyone in Britain equal, he promised him all of his power and had his father adopt him and Louis.

Alongside Louis and Albert, Moriarty critically wounded his other adoptive brother William James Moriarty before burning him to death alongside the rest of the Moriarty household, with Moriarty proceeding to take his name as his own.

13 years later, William would become a Professor of Mathematics and lectures students at a university but on the side is a private consultant, taking cases involving cruel nobles as part of his masterplan of taking down the entire system and the empire along with it. Although it is later hinted that William's endgame are a lot more complex and that his motivations might not be as altruistic as it seems.

He is joined on this venture by his younger brother Louis who on the outside works on the Moriarty family's house affairs but is also investigating incidents involving the targeted nobles, Albert through his military connections and his high ranking position of a secret government intelligence organization known as MI6 uses his resources to assist Williams in his plans. William also enlisted two other individuals to his cause, Sebastian Moran a former soldier who according to the government is officially "Killed In Action" during the British army's campaigns in Afghanistan and Fred Porlock, a young man who specializes in espionage and information gathering.

During his schemes, he crosses path with Sherlock Holmes, a consulting detective who resides at 221B Baker Street and who is assisted in his cases by a medical doctor, John H. Watson who writes about Sherlock's adventures for the Strand Magazine under the pseudonym "Conan Doyle".

The Manga

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Chapter 1

  • The first difference (small one) William helps a bloke out with a game of Pontoon. In the anime, it's a horse race.
  • I believe it was never included in the anime, but upon entering the mansion, William addresses Lady Moriarty as "mother" to which she responds with, "Don't get the wrong idea here. Helping orphans is the role of any nobility! It's merely an act of philanthropy! Nobody in their right mind would want to adopt a brat like you!! So don't you dare call me, a member of the high society, your mother!! You underclass filth!"
  • It is after the previous point that the original William comes down and makes a statement about how he heard her yelling and how he assumed the parents were fighting again. It's also mentioned by the original William that the father has loose morals when it comes to having affairs, it's assumed based on the panels that him angering his mother causes her to slap crime consultant William to be slapped.
  • The tea scene has been altered a bit here. The butler pours the tea, not Louis. When the original William instructs the butler away, cc William remarks that he won't steal anything. And instead of pouring tea onto the ground where original William wants Louis to lick it up, he pours the tea directly on his knee. As punishment, cc William is whipped with a riding crop by the mother, both arms as a result was covered with bleeding lash marks.
  • During the dinner scene, the mother remarks how "One of them spilled tea on poor William, you know!"
  • It appears as though the maids are forcing Louis and William to polish the sconces, Albert stays to 'watch' over them as he tells the maids to go to bed.
  • In the planting of the silverware scene, the mother is ALSO involved. As cc William repeats, "I said I wouldn't steal anything." we learn that the mother holds a grudge against the boys for "tricking her sweet Albert." She boldly makes the claim they have power and will call police, Albert comes in and remarks that he has more influence than a woman or second born son. Original William is still stabbed in the stomach with a chair and the mother looks to be choked unconscious with a tie.
  • In the anime, the fire started is caused by gas. In the manga, the fires are caused by small explosions from adding water to a candlestick.
  • It's stated that the bothers are trying to kill 3 family members and 9 servants in the explosion.
  • Instead of a random stranger on the train, William tells his life story to his students in the classroom.
  • It is mentioned that he entered university at the age of 16 and wrote his doctoral thesis on binomial theorem. He also became a professor at the age of 21.

Chapter 2

  • To start the chapter out, we learn that Albert is a hell of an artist as William is attempting to follow the directions of a well detailed, hand drawn map.
  • Michelle Burton, the mother in episode 4, is found on the ground almost run over by Baron Dublin’s carriage. She tells a stall vendor later that she simply tripped when she met William.
  • Albert and Louis were cleaning the house together when William arrived.
  • The town was previously controlled by 2 Nobel families who raised the taxes outrageously high. As put by a character “But the land prices increased to the point that they’d pluck away at their tenant farmers’ profits  leaving them with just enough to not starve to death.”
  • Albert talks about himself and tells the Baron that he gained the title of count at a young age when their family died in a fire (cough cough, wonder how that happened.) and that he serves as a lieutenant colonel for the British army in London. And he’s there for requesting time off to aid the brothers with the move.
  • We learn that the Baron is widowed and has no known heir. (Not really important to any of the characters but is only slightly more important later.)
  • The Baron is mortified to say the least when the brothers brought to him their idea of lowering the tax rate. However, despite the Baron’s protests our ‘heroes’ of the series made it difficult for the Baron by lowering the taxes of the people living on the land that they bought.
  • Mr.Burton, the late child’s father, isn’t said to work for the Baron like in the anime. He owns an orchard on the baron’s land and is forced to submit to the control.
  • Unlike in the anime, the Baron doesn’t tell the parents to go away in the flashback. He tells them that he’s entertaining guests and is greatly upset they stood on his “new rug.” To send them away, he asks how much they’re willing to pay him for the help.
  • The Baron later storms in complaining to Moriarty that his people are demanding a fair tax rate. To set their plan into action, the brothers agree to a meeting about the town’s future at the baron’s house.
  • With the Burtons not working for the Baron directly, the Moriarty brothers self invited the couple to join them for the meeting.
  • They were served a buffet style dinner which would force all servants to leave. The Baron finally recognizes Michelle and begins to panic, he begins to demean the child calling him weak and useless, she does attempt to stab the baron like in the anime when the Baron bluntly replies to make a “more useful farmhand” and is stopped by her husband. However William does reply that this needs to look like an accident and not attempted murder.
  • With the stress on his heart, the Baron collapses to the ground. Begging for his medicine and water, William asks how much he’s willing to pay. The Baron in panic replies that he’s willing to pay double that the couple (they paid nothing mind you)
  • The baron begins to beg for forgiveness and apologies while William asks the Burtons about what they wished to do. He does get the medication that saves his life.
  • The baron writes out a will that formally apologizes for the loss of the child and that the tenant farmers inherit the land after his passing. While being cocky about simply needing to take care of his health and the will is useless, he eats a grapefruit pie that doesn’t mix with his medication.

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