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Worth Several Cities is the second episode of season five of Elementary. It first aired on CBS on the 2nd October, 2016.


When the leader of a local street gang abducts Holmes to compel him to find the person responsible for a hit on his men, Holmes and Watson get caught in the middle of an international hunt to recover a centuries old, priceless artifact. Also, Watson debates whether a personal favor Shinwell asks of her is outside her comfort zone.


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  • Jon Huertas - Halcon
  • Raymond Ma - Captain Pack
  • Derek Goh - Kyle
  • Francis Jue - Hu
  • Ron Rifkin - Wayne Vachs
  • Shelley Thomas - Ms Lawler
  • Annie Q. - Wendy
  • Stacey Sargeant - Laila Kalifa
  • Pierre Jean Gonzalez - Driver
  • Ryan Andes - Lead Bodyguard
  • Michael Mulheren - Detective
  • Madai Chakell - Chivonne

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